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{January 17, 2010}   my plan

OK, so I finally went to Sam’s Club. I got all the stuff I’ll need for 22 days; I’ll eat NOTHNG but what I have listed here. I’ve had my breast reduction surgery and a little time to binge, so enough laziness!

  1. Breakfast: Carnation drink (220 cals)
  2. Lunch: Clif Bar (250 cals), 2 Benefiber drink packets (30 cals)
  3. Dinner: can of V8 juice (70 cals)
  4. Dessert: fruit sorbet (120 cals)

It should add up to about 690 calories. …I’m also going to do a callanetics DVD every day, too.

I’ll take pictures and measurements every 3 days, as well as taking a full dose of adderall every morning. I WILL stick to this plan and this blog if it’s the last thing I do!

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