A Rose with Starry Eyes

{January 28, 2010}   great day today :D

SO much cool stuff happened today. First life updates, then body updates.

  1. Someone brought a puppy to Envrio Sci today. It was a “Bor-a-dor”, part border collie, part labrador. It was ADORABLE!!
  2. At lunch, Xang and I started bitching at eachother- kind of jokingly, but still a bit loaded. I’d said that “Holy shit, these cookies have 210 calories?!” (They belonged to Jamie.) Amy said that some people might find it triggering or insulting, and I said she was projecting, Jamie made a bulimia joke and I said it insulted Xang who was bulimic…. things got kind of hazardous. It ended with Xang saying that “Rose is only eating granola bars so that she can get down to where I was before [reference to her ED] and we’ll have to have a lunch table intervention.” That was a major trigger for me. I’m going to keep reminding myself of that phrase- it’s concrete evidence she views me as a wannarexic. This is practically a challenge.
  3. I took my 30 mg adderall, and it really worked. I didn’t get jittery and I felt SO focused. I finished all 4 of my Enviro Sci packets, my inernat’l relations packet,  and got partway through my Eviro Q&A. Plus I took a nap.
  4. In my Drama as Lit class, we read a play out loud. I led the lead female part and think I did a pretty good job- a guy from forensics asked if I had thought about forensics and told me I should consider joining. Amy was really happy for me, and Rachel said that it was a great sign and it didn’t happen to everyone. I think I’ll go to a meeting on Tuesday…. It might be awkward because I totally flaked out on them last year, but if I’m serious about acting, it has to be done. (Plus forensics goes til May; if I do the crossroads by spring, I’ll have a place to show off my new talents!)

  1. My body has been flushing a lot of excess waste out of my system, which I guess is good, but it huuuuuurts. I’m also running out of benefiber tablets, so I should start drinking the packets. Maybe hydrating more would help….
  2. My skin has really cleared up thanks to the ozonated olive oil. A LOT. I only have one inflamed spot! 🙂
  3. I’ve been reading about CRON a lot lately. It seems like a really nutritious diet and it’s an inspiration to me in the future; once I have the money, I’ll be able to keep a low weight and be really healthy. (Healthier then than now, probably!)
  4. I measured my waist and I’m at 33 inches! 😀 Obviously if I do so much as eat a bowl of cereal, it’ll balloon right back out, but if I keep up the minimal eating and tone my tummy, it should stay permanently flat.
  5. The DVD player is set up in my room; after I study for my vocab quiz tomorrow, I’m going to do at least part of the callanetics workout.


  1. Breakfast: organic milk & Carnation drink packet
  2. Lunch: Clif bar
  3. Dinner: 1 cup frozen strawberry yogurt

Measurements:    hips: 38″      waist: 34″       chest: 37 and a half

(loss of half an inch from hips since 3 days ago)

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