A Rose with Starry Eyes

{January 31, 2010}   quote of the day

“Vitamin water has calories too!”


The ultimate wannarexic’s motto. There’s a longer story behind this quote; click the link for more.

Shiney and I used to be BFFs, until overnight she changed. She basically fell for a guy I like to call “Mr. Codependent”, and even started faking anorexia to get his attention. She used to take adderall and eat nothing at lunch, except for goldfish crackers sometimes and usually just vitamin water. (Around other people, however, she ate normally and acted fine.) She was incredibly fond of saying “Vitamin water has calories too!” in an insufferable squeaky voice.

I just found one older entry in a item I posted online last year. It mentioned that she ate 2 muffins at 350 cals each AND several other things (including chips and nacho cheese packets), but around Xang & Mr. Codependent, kept protesting, “At east I’m drinking Vitamin Water- it has CALORIES!!!” My god.. I had almost forgotten what a hypocrite she was!

One really funny thing that Thing Red told me at lunch (one of a pair of twins, Thing Red and Thing Bi, a la Thing One and Thing Two from Dr Seuss) was that apparently Shiney has been hanging out with Mr. Codependent and his GF lately- so much so that they’re getting sort of weirded out by her “closeness”. I can’t help but find that funny. Both of the twins also told me that they thought she looked like a British man, especially her profile pic, which she posted after crying when her BF dumped her. XD

It also reminds me of when she used to be part of forensics and went into Nick’s bedroom he shared with another guy and there apparently ended up being a rumor about her having sex with him. (I forget where I heard it, but it was from a previous freshman.)

ANYWAYS, the bottom line is that I HATE this bitch and her Munchausen’s ways. It’s a big trigger for me to be better than her- not only was she totally fake, but people got so concerned and she got all ths attention. I’d love to truly accomplish what she couldn’t and rub her face in by attracting attention and not saying a THING.

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