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{February 10, 2010}   ULTIMATE goal workout routine

Ok, so I devised this earlier today when wondering about how I could burn calories without getting totally exhausted or running out of time and procrastinating til tomorrow. The solution I came up with is here, and while I know it won’t be easy and I KNOW it will take some initiative, I challenge myself to last on this routine for an entire week. I’ll compare measurements and photos, too. (Faceless pics, of course!)

Lunch hour: go on the stationary bike in the gym (with ipod);

calories burned per 45 min: 369 at moderate speed at 155 pounds

calories burned per 45 min: 600 at high speed at 155 pounds

After school: go to local college for 2 part workout.

run up and down stairs, alternating between cardio and skipping every other step (equal to a lunge)

calories burned per 25 min: 236 at 155 pounds

do the 5 Factor Workout at the gym.

burns estimate 125 calories in full 25 min. workout

Before Bed: callanetics DVD, full.

calories burned per 45 min: 200 at 155 pounds

Projected Caloric Total: 950 calories burned daily

So basically, I intake estimated 1000 calories (if I more or less follow my self-appointed meal plan) and burn 950 calories daily. I apparently need 1937 calories daily anyways because of my Basal Metabolic Rate… So, you add your BMR number to the calories you burn in a day and subtract your total food calories. (1937 + 950 – 1000 = ?) My answer is 1,887. (This is the calorie deficit I have daily.) If it takes burning 3,500 calories to lose a pound, within a week of working out 6 days per week I will have lost roughly 3 pounds of fat (or 11,322 calories). In addition to the fat loss, I’m sure the inch loss will be substantial, and hopefully my jeans will be looser by this time next week! 😉

The stationary bike will be great because I won’t won’t overload Xang’s tolerance of me plus I won’t be bored or tempted to mooch at lunch. The callanetics before bed should be fine since it’s rather low-impact. The hardest part of this will probably be to go to the gym, since I’m not totally sure where it is and I’ve never done 5 factor fitness before. Running up and down the stairs might actually be pretty fun, especially with an ipod – I’ll definitely feel the burn! – so that part should be relatively simple. It’ll be a pain walking home in all this snow, though…

ALSO: NOTE TO SELF!!! Start taking Tonalin CLA so muscles get stronger, faster!! You still have 3 bottles lying around! 😛

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