A Rose with Starry Eyes

{February 11, 2010}   Facebook Reverse Thinspo!

OK, So there’s a girl I knew in middleschool who I recently reconnected with on facebook. I was so psyched to have finished my stair-runs, I posted a status, and this is her response:

Rose JUST RAN 40 FLIGHTS OF STAIRS TOTAL. Take THAT, banana bread! 😀

comments: Nikki: i just ate 6 out of 8 pieces of a frozen pizza… and what did i do???? washed it down with an orange soda! take that food stuck in my esophagus!

Rose: I’m jealous, actually. My family never has soda and orange soda has the most sugar of them all! You must be on SUCH a sugar high.

Nikki: lol nahhhhhh im used to it by now bahahaha

….WOW. WHAT a fatass! That’s the thing about some of the best thinspo ever: it comes from real-life people eating a typical American diet. What a hog!

And as a bones, here’s a reverse thinspo I found online- holy SHIT. It’s like the sickest thing, and the music is great to make you wonder what people secretly think of you.

Fat Sweaty Betty by the Insane Clown Posse ~ Reverse Thinspo


Personally, I like to picture SHINEY as the one on the far left!!! XD

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