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{February 15, 2010}   quotes of the day

This morning when I walked up to the table where Twin Sporty & Sammy were talking, I immediately overheard them trash-talking some teacher for being fat. (In their defense, the guy is really, really fat, and apparently not so nice to them.) But it was funny because it thinspired me to not eat anymore (I don’t want someone saying that stuff about me!). That and the fact I had been listening to the Weird Al song “Fat” as I was walking in. 😉 It was like a sign from the Universe or something!

I told Rach that I’m still on Day 3 of the water fast, and she rolled her eyes snd said something disapproving I didn’t hear. (It would be SO funny if Shiney ended up hearing it from her!)

When I told Miller about it, she said “It’s nice that you’re doing that, people do that stuff all the time… getting rid of toxins.” I respect her so  much and I know that she knows a lot about the human body and environmental toxins, health effects, etc. It gives me more confidence that she supports me and makes me determined not to let her down. No food until Day 10!!! I also told her I’m going vegan after this. It’s weird how anybody else’s parents would flip but mine don’t seem to care too much , and how the teacher I told is so supportive. Again, it must be a sign!

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