A Rose with Starry Eyes

{February 18, 2010}   get things “moving” XD

Alrighty then, now it is time for the inevitable embarassing post on bowel movements. I’m just going to preface by pointing out that you can lose a LOT of weight by “getting things moving”, plus your skin will look better, your digestion will be healthier, bloating may go down, & if you had body odor problems before, those will lessen. (Your body has to get rid of toxins somehow, and if feces aren’t an option, it sends them out through other places.)

Here is a list of ways that you can get things “moving”:

  1. Drink a LOT of water. Either 8 cups that are 8 ounces each or 5 cups of 8 ounces warm water each. The large intestine can take water out of the stool so it’s not too lose, but if your body doesn’t have enough water, it draws out the moisture from your stool and you end up “stuck”. If you must drink soda or a beverage with chemicals/preservatives in it, have a glass of water equal in size right afterwards so that you don’t get dehydrated.
  2. Consume more fiber. One good way is dissolvable fiber in your drinks or Benefiber tablets, which are fruit-flavored and taste like intensely tart candy-treats! You can also take pills like Metamusil. Vegetables that are watery and fibrous are good for this, too; also salads and fruits. Easier foods to prepare are popcorn (best air-popped with Not Butter spray) and brown rice, both full of fiber. But remember to drink water, or else the fiber just gets stuck.
  3. Eat foods that have natural laxative effects. Examples of this are:
      1. apples
      2. apple cider vinegar (2 tsp. twice daily with water)
      3. bananas (and supposedly banana chips, based off Wasted by Marya Hornbacher)
      4. bran (about 1/3 a cup each morning)
      5. beets: take 2 small beets, scrub them clean, eat them in the morning. you’ll have a bowel movement 12 hours later.
      6. carrot juice
      7. fruits: eat at least 3 raw fruits daily. specifics:
        1. citrus: promotes regularity
        2. strawberries, prunes, spinach: laxatives
        3. raisins / any other dried fruit are mild laxatives
      8. garlic (triple threat: soothes, cleanses, & reduces inflammation)
      9. licorice tea should be drunk before meals to enhance stool production.
      10. sunflower seeds (handful of raw, unsalted seeds daily to promote regularity)
      11. sugar-free candies have a laxative effect, but it’s due to the fake sweeteners used, not for natural reasons.
  4. Don’t take laxative pills from drugstores. This can cause reliability on them because they kill friendly intestinal bacteria, which lessens nutrients absoption, & can sometimes lead to you needing an over-the-counter laxative for results!
  5. Do a liver flush to eliminate toxins.
  6. Exercise. This increases blood, oxygen, & nutrient circulation to the entire body, which of course includes the intestines.

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