A Rose with Starry Eyes

{February 18, 2010}   ok, more updates….

SO, the tight-lacing thing was a bust. Rach TOTALLY got her information wrong; the girl’s mom does NOT do corset-making professinally and neither of them have EVER done actual, permanent tight-lacing. Oh well. At least I found out now!

I also found an online video competition on the subject of a freedom of speech controversy in a local area. (I’m thinking library censorship!) It onlt has to be 2 minutes long (maximum!) and the prize money is $10,000 split at least 10 different ways. (So about $1,000 prize or so if you win and there aren’t more than 9 other winners.) It’ll be difficult to A) get off my ass and get the video filmed & uploaded (plus paperwork) by the deadline of March 15th, and B) actually make the thing fit into 2 minutes, but in the end, just LOOK at the REWARD!!! It’s MORE than enough for me to buy a corset. It’s enough for a corset and stuff leftover, maybe starting funds for a rhinoplasty! ($700 is DEFINITELY enough for starting funds!)

Tomorrow I’m going to baptize my djab and get it working. Hopefully by the time the contest rolls around, I’ll have it serving me so well that I’m guaranteed to win! …Although a little side assistance form the Bee couldn’t hurt either. đŸ˜‰

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