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{February 18, 2010}   random stuff (again)

New Triggers

In Miller’s class today we watched an ultra-triggering documentary called “The Human Footprint”, all about how many resources humans waste – especially food. I mean, we consume literally TONS of eggs in our life time, TONS of chickens. Pints of milk to cover MILES. It’s disgusting, and it’s wasteful. It’s arrogant of us to think we are deserving of this when other people don’t have food. It’s inspired me even more now to be vegan. (Even though I admittedly haven’t stuck with it- but my family hasn’t bought any new food, either! We don’t even have bananas!)

Other triggering documentary ideas are: Food Inc, Supersize Me, Thin (HBO documentary), Seeing Through the Fence (vegan documentary), and Jamie Oliver’s Food Revolution.

TV shows are Freaky Eaters, Supersize vs. Superskinny, and the British version of You Are What You Eat.

(Actually I think it might be interesting to do a real-life version of  “you are what you eat” in my life. Everytime I eat something, I take a photo before doing so. It would slow down binges and make me add up my food at the end of the week to see where my weak spots were.)

Diet personal suggestion: eat protein directly after coming home from school; not almonds, but something filling, like eggs.

My Life is… SO. BORING.

I mean, seriously.

I have a TON of homework.

I have to:

  • write out notecards for Internat’l Relations
  • do 6 paragraphs for English essay (religious segregation) ~ 3 articles; each article gets 1 paragraph SOAPStone & 1 paragraph how it pertains to topic chosen.
  • type out ALL of my forensics peice.

et cetera
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