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{February 21, 2010}   guest star: Alice

Some random blurbs from an Asian ana blogger; talks about vanity sizing, racist magazine covers, nailpolish, etc…

January 23, 2010

Casual Sex

Having sex with a lot of people does not make you an “empowered” or “independent” woman despite the glorification of casual sex and infidelity in modern society.


January 20, 2010

Vanity Sizing is a terrible idea

Did you know the ideal weight for someone my height (5’2.5″) is 103-136? I don’t know about you, but 136 at my height is an elephant.

Vanity Sizing: Applicable to clothing sizes, vanity sizing (or size inflation) is the gradual increase of clothing measurements while retaining the same nominal size. Vanity sizing is practiced mostly in female clothing sizes so women can still feel thin and good about themselves. It may also be practiced to cater to certain demographics and reflects the increasing rate of obesity.
I think companies should stop vanity sizing altogether because this sends out the message that it’s okay to be fat because you buy a size “2” when it’s really a 4. This is really annoying because I often try on pants, but they are too big due to vanity sizes.
Companies that vanity size:

  • Lucky Jeans. Their jeans are built for “curvier” women, i.e., pear shapes, thunder thighs, big asses. Apparently, it’s okay to be thick because now you’re “curvy.” No offense to actual curvy women. They are very roomy in the butt and thighs.
  • Chip N’ Pepper Jeans. It might have been the one pair I tried on, but the thighs were huge.
  • Express. Their “0” business pants were very baggy on me. I looked like I was swimming in them.
  • New York & Company. Everything is cut bigger than normal.

Companies that are true to size (that I love):

  • Diesel. Someone once said Diesel is made for people who are “stick thin and anorexic.” She was also a big girl so this can be argued.
  • bebe. bebe is pretty much true to size for everything you buy.
  • Banana Republic.

I can’t think of anymore off the top of my head, but I read an article about vanity sizing earlier this month and thought it was quite interesting. If we want to fight the obesity epidemic, we should start making clothes true to size again. That way, we’ll all be inspired to not eat that third candy bar. And I don’t care what the magazines say about size 8 and 10 being the “average” sizes. Anything that big is a tank.



January 27, 2010

Scales at the Gym

G and I hit the gym yesterday. It was extremely crowded.
“That’s because it’s January,” G said. While my disgust for most sweets, alcohol, and soft drinks has kept away weight gain, the general population at university has put on winter padding. However, G and I are both out of shape from doing nothing over winter break.
I ran a few laps around the indoor track, did about ~20 minutes on the elliptical (burned ~120 calories), did ~ 5 x 20 reps on the rowing machine, and ~4 x 15 sets of crunches followed by a walking cool down. I wish I had the stamina to go longer, but that’s something I have to work up to.
Afterwards, G and I weighed ourselves on the gym’s scale. It was one of the top loading balances that the doctors use. She lost a pound. I did not. While we both are extremely critical of our bodies and find ourselves fat, we realize that we can be much worse. Especially when the girls standing behind us kept staring at us, burning holes on our bodies with their beady eyes, their sweaty arms crossed over their chests.
Was it jealousy or disgust? Did they envy our spindly arms? Or did they think we needed to gain weight? It’s interesting that skinny people never think other skinny people need to gain weight.
More portly members of society, however, deem it necessary to tell us we need to eat more and gain some weight. Furthermore, there are many anti-size 0 believers out there because 0 is an “unhealthy” size. Unfortunately for you, some of us are naturally size 0, no matter how out of shape and flabby we may be. Perhaps we should eat more of the junk you eat to become like you. Maybe that way you will feel a bit better about yourself and continue on in your quest for fat acceptance. Right.
We must strive to never become size 6.
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February 2, 2010


“Zero is powerful because it is infinity’s twin. They are equal and opposite, yin and yang. They are equally paradoxical and troubling. The biggest questions in science and religion are about nothingness and eternity, the void and the infinite, zero and infinity. The clashes over zero were the battles that shook the foundations of philosophy, of science, of mathematics, and of religion. Underneath every revolution lay a zero — and an infinity.

-Charles Seife, “Zero (The Biography of a Dangerous Idea)”
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February 13, 2010

A Race(ist) Issue

This is Vanity Fair’s new cover featuring the “it” girls of the new generation. Does anyone else see a problem with this cover? Out of all the actresses in Hollywood, Vanity Fair picked nine slim white girls. Where is the diversity? This is supposed to represent beauty? Is this the standard of beauty we are supposed to strive to? How many times have people who are not Caucasian looked at the media and not seen themselves looking back at them? There are a great number of non-Caucasian actresses, too.
I almost never see myself. And when I do see an Asian, it’s gutter trash like Tila Tequila or someone objectified as an exotic or sexual object. The entertainment and beauty industry lacks a lot of diversity. I suppose that Vanity Fair has decided no differently.
And of all people they could have picked, they chose Kristen Stewart as one of the centerpieces of the magazine’s cover. She can’t act, twitches in every scene and interview she’s in, and behaves like a 12 year old. This dumb bitch smokes pot on her door step. Like Megan Fox, she’s one of those girls that’s pretty to look at until she opens her mouth. This is what I’m supposed to admire?

And this is why I subscribe to just Glamour and Allure. They both have a long ways to go about diversity on their covers, but at least I see images of Asian models in both magazines. I especially like Glamour’s effort to incorporate women of different sizes and diversity. And unlike trash like Cosmopolitan, Glamour is geared towards the intelligent, working woman not trying to have one night stands every 43 seconds.

P.S. If you pay attention to the stuff Cosmopolitan writes, you’ll notice that the magazine treats women is childishly as they do men. The magazine markets men as pigs and “cave-men.” Any women stupid enough to follow the advice from this publication is as cave-like as the men Cosmopolitan trashes. Also, Cosmo’s geared towards the drunk sorority girl, the slutty girl in college, and the working girls who still behave like they’re in college. Save your money ladies. This one’s better for perusal in line at the supermarket and not much else.

February 11, 2010

Nail polish!

I did my nails today. The color is “Mint Candy Apple” by Essie. Unfortunately, I don’t have my camera on me so I don’t have a picture. That’s what the polish looks like, though! It’s very wintry and a duplicate (sort of) of Chanel’s “Jade.”
Also, I have the television on and turned in to the Food Network. These people just made homemade ice cream sandwiches. They look absolutely disgusting. I really don’t like ice cream.
Update: Here’s a picture of the manicure with no flash because my camera is terrible. You’ll have to excuse the terrible quality. And yes, my hands are very lined. I was always a wrinkly old lady, even as a child.

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