A Rose with Starry Eyes

{February 22, 2010}   ANTM 7 deadly sins

ANTM 7 Deadly Sins photoshoot & analysis…

  • Pride: Don’t be overly proud when it comes to your body. Self-esteem is important – actually, it’s key! – but don’t assume that just because you made it this far means you can slack off. DON”T assume that just because you’ve achieved so much means you can be handed your life on a silver platter. There’s more to life than looks; you should always be improving yourself and setting new life goals that have NOTHING to do with appearance. Don’t get cocky or vain!
  • Greed:
  • Gluttony: No bingeing. No hoarding food, and avoid chewing and spitting when possible. (This wastes food unneccessarily; people are truly starving out there, so don’t be so gluttonous!) Eating so quickly in a binge is a sin as well; what kind of glutton doesn’t at least slow down and appreciate the nutrients? It’s just as much a waste as chew-spit! Don’t eat liek the aveage American – the average American EMBODIES gluttony. Don’t become a fat pig like Keenyah in the photo (who got kicked out for her weight!); this one is truly a HORRIBLE sin.
  • Wrath: Don’t get angry at yourself if you do poorly, and DON’T get angry at other people if you feel they trigger you/ judge you/ get in your way/ etc. Don’t give into moodswings, or else you’ll alienate people and make them suspicious. Don’t hurt the people around you who love you the most. Think of mom, so sweet and supportive, and sensitive bro, and your sis who will remember you the way you are now when she is an adult… 😦
  • Envy: Don’t envy the bodies of other girls, especially if it leads to pettiness or your own low self-esteem. Envy can lead to despair, and despair can lead to bingeing. Envy is weakness. It’s no good being thin if you’re not happy with what you have! Focus on your own progress and you’ll be a lot happier. No one likes a jealous bitch! Think of hwo , in a few years, the girls with fast metabolisms will be soccer moms. Think of how much character you gain by working this hard. Reassure yourself it’s worth it and never give in to envy!
  • Lust:
  • Sloth: This is the WORST ONE OF ALL. If you’re lazy, you will make absolutely no progress. You won’t be able to maintain, either. It’s important to upkeep your program, and if you need to be a little bit more lenient for a while, then be more lenient. Just DON’T be slothful or lazy! Workout every day, even if it’s just yoga or the elliptical, and don’t treat yourself if you aren’t willing to work your ASS off later to burn off the excess.

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