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{March 30, 2010}   dollhouse picspam

Under the cut: Echo, Sierra, Bennett, November, Whiskey.

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{March 23, 2010}   November from Dollhouse

November from Dollhouse is 5′ 9″ and 145 pounds; of course, she got killed off and the guy is really in love with Size 2 Echo, plus she has no new projects coming up, so…

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{March 22, 2010}   kemper’s before/after


{March 21, 2010}   thinspo post

{March 21, 2010}   diet pills


  • take 1-2 capsules in the morning. Then another 1 capsule before Lunch.
  • Women and those under 160 pounds take no more then 3 capsules per day, and no more then 1 capsule every 4-6 hours.
  • Please take with at least 20 oz. of water. Do not take past 1 PM
  • one order is 112 caplets, a true 4-5 week supply. (2 daily = 8 week supply.)
  • 1 jar of pills = $40

  1. Anorectics or appetite suppressants are drugs that suppress the appetite by a complicated process that includes the participation of hormones and neurotransmitters. There are powerful anorectics used to treat obesity and less powerful anorectics, for the rest of us.

  2. Fat blockers block or prevent the body from storing fat by neutralizing the digestive enzyme produced by the pancreas before it can convert starch into glucose or fat. More calories pass through the body and less calories are absorbed.

  3. Fat burners break down body fat. This involves releasing it from the fat cells, where it enters the bloodstream as free fatty acids that are then transported to muscle cells where they may be burned.

{March 21, 2010}   pixie haircuts

{March 20, 2010}   nose job
  • shoulder-length sleek hair; either blonde or red, straight til curled ends (like Claudia Schiffer in photoshoot with Joseph Gordon Levitt)
  • pushup bra or with chicken cutlets pads
  • dinair airburshed makeup (contoured)
  • eyelash extensions
  • lips: nightly

{March 20, 2010}   better life

things that will make my life perfect

  1. cross roads rite
    1. why: guarantees fame and success
    2. I want acting ability better than meryl streeps’, TONS of charisma
  2. rich BF
    1. why: can pay for clothes, surgery, college, car, food, books
  3. get into great college
    1. why: theatre training
    2. why: no dead-ends
  4. CRON
    1. why: easy weight loss to fit into industry
    2. why:
  5. Rosetree
    1. why: acting skills
    2. why: charisma, personality
    3. why: no more antidepressants
  6. lipostim3
    1. why: intense weight loss
    2. why: TONS energy

bring photos: Meryl Streep, Johnny Depp, Leo Dicaprio, Gary Oldman, Cate Blanchett, Emma Thompson

{March 19, 2010}   ana, actress manga

Anorexia/E.D. manga

Anime Film references;

television anime E.D. references:

  • Sailor Moon is an infamous case of characters with an obsession to stay thin. Especially notable in one of the really early episodes of the first series.
    • Jedite decides to open a sort of fitness center where ladies get to lose weight just lying in capsules while Jedite steals their life’s energy.
      Obviously Usagi and her classmates get enthralled by the idea and go there. Naru starts going there compulsively and starts to lose a heck of a lot of weight much to Jadeite’s delight. However with Luna’s help, Sailor Moon discovers to truth and saves the day. Naru eventually recoves her weight
    • In another early episode, Luna makes a mockey drawing of Usagi saying her compulsive eating will make her fat. Usagi gets offended by the drawing and tosses it on the street. Oh surprise, the piece of paper falls on Mamoru’s face who makes fun of it. Usagi gets so angry that she decides to be on a starving diet thinking it will work. Hahaha, she faints from starvation while walking back home from her school on the first day. Fortunately her friend Motoki finds her and gives her a huge bag of doughnuts. Much to her happiness, he tells her that she’s fine as she is and that she should never do it again
    • In Sailor Moon R, Both Calaberas and Esmeraude are mocked at for binge eating cakes. Calaberas gets very offended when she hears this. Could Calaberas be bulimic?
    • In Sailor Moon Stars, Sailor Tin Nyanko calls Sailor Lead Crow fat very rudely and that she should get on a diet even though Lead Crow is obviously thin.
  • Now, another anime with a 1 episode case of self starving and obsessive over-exercise to get thinner despite being thin already is uhh.. I can’t remember which episode, but it’s from Pita-Ten.
    • Koboshi who is a freaking kid for crying out loud feels that her love to compete at eating contests and her tomboyish behavior is the reason why Kotaro isn’t interested in her. She decides to buy a ridiculously stupid book on how to be a good Japanese girlfriend and it says she must get on a diet among other things. She decides to starve herself and jog obsessively. Eventually she faints in front of Kotaru and he confesses to her that he liked the way she was already.
  • There is a scene in an episode of Vandread where all the girls have gotten obsessed about their weight. Everyone’s surprised to see Meia is taking a hot bath to apparently lose some “extra weight”.
  • There is an episode of Hell Teacher Nube where Miki makes fun of Kyoko’s weight (despite being very thin already). Kyoko gets angry and enters the forbidden music room. An evil spirit posesses her to obsessively play the piano all night long. Several days later, everyone notices Kyoko has lost a heck of a lot of weight even though Kyoko doesn’t know why either. All she knows is that she hasn’t slept very well.
    Nube discovers the cause of her unexplained exhaustion and defeats the spirit that has posessed the school’s piano.
  • In another shoujo series called Mirmo Zibang, this is another anime with an episode of obsessive/unhealthy diets.
    • Azumi is tired of competing with Kaede for Setsu’s attention. Yasishi gives Azumi the terrible but ingenious idea to anonymously send a cake to Kaede’s house everyday. She will be forced to eat it and she’ll eventually get real fat and Setsu won’t pay any attention to her anymore.
      As planned, Kaede starts to gain some weight and thanks to Mirmo’s vulgar observations of her enlarged figure, she gets all crazy and starts a serious exercise program and diet to lose weight. Rirumo voluntairly joins in to lose a bit of weight and forces Mirmo to join too because he’s really getting fat fast. Mirmo only does it because he’s so egocentrical that he can’t bear to see himself being fat even though he’s a compulsive chocolate eater.
      Even though Azumi hears this about Kaedde, Azumi keeps on sending Kaede more cakes. Kaede starts asking the delivery boy to return the cakes. Not knowing what to do, the boy starts sending the cakes to Azumi’s house. Since she doesn’t want to waste food, she and Yasishi start to eat the cakes obsessively everyday.
      As expected, Kaede faints from over exercise and not eating anything and Setsu tells her she looks fine and should eat better. Kaede feels overbloated in happiness and quits the diet.
      She discovers that Azumi is now on a harmful binge diet/exercise program herself because she has gotten so fat that she can’t fit in her ballet tutu anymore. Yashishi has also gotten really fat and is also dieting.
  • link: http://www.animenation.net/forums/archive/index.php/t-194710.html

actress stories:

{March 18, 2010}   life updates

First day of work is later on today.

I emailed the official CRON website and the website of a CRON blogger April and asked if they’d be interested in me since I want to go CRON at 18. Still waiting for a reply. (Of course, only works if I get my rich BF. No- when I get my rich BF.) I look at this plus corset plus kettlebell/yoga as my Ultimate Solution. I repeat:

CRON + corset + kettlebell  + yoga = Ultimate Solution


…Of course, the thing I look forard to the most is the way the woman whose hubby does intense CRON says that he’s happy all the time. And she says that her anxiety attacks have totally disappeared, that she doesn’t feel hungry, and that she has TONS of energy!!! 🙂

Speaking of rich BF, Bri emailed to tell me that the conjure is starting today. (Thursdays, apparently, are the best days to draw money.) My work also starts today. Coincidence? 😉

I’ll update later with how it goes.

et cetera