A Rose with Starry Eyes

{March 2, 2010}   random life updates

Conjure Update

I emailed Miss Bri last night and sent her $10 for a 10 minute reading via Paypal. We have a reading scheduled for this Friday at 4PM. If the reading is positive, she’ll be willing to take on my case and do a conjure; worst come to worst, I’ll borrow some from my brother or sell my stuff for money. I’m really nervous about the outcome, because frankly, I want a sugardaddy. I’m trying not to think too much about it in case I psych myself out, but… I hope she says yes. Because if she doesn’t, I will have to pay someone else for a reading. And if they say no, I don’t know what I’ll do.

EDIT: Also, the woman on the forum who worked her first conjure for the same purpose I want this one emailed me back and said she’s willing to look over my rough list of traits! So hurray for feedback.

BTW: I had my interview at Culver’s icecream and it went well, but I’ll probably need to do another since the guy who usually does them is out.

Xang’s BF

Just found out that today before school Xang’s BF Gasmask took some type of pills with wine. AAARGH. This guy is so sweet to her but has such obviously bad habits! But he said he’ll be willing to stop taking pills if Xang will stop cutting herself. (I thought she had stopped for a while, but apparently started back up again.)

Also, Xang and I are supposed to hang out on Friday since it’s early release. 🙂 We’re going to the thrift shop and possibly to the local college cafe for coffee.

My Blogspot Blog

My blogspot now has 15 followers, most of whom regularly comment on my posts. I got 6 within the last 24 hours!!!! I need to branch out and read other people’s blogs more often….

Once I Get Home…

Once I get home I am SO making myself an egg omlette with tuna mixed in and possibly vegetables with a side of frozen fruit with cinnamon sprinkled on top. YUMMMMMMY!!!

EDIT: Just fnished the egg omlette with tuna and, while it wasn’t TOTALLY scrumptious, adding tuna to an omlette is a GREAT way to camouflage the fishy taste. 2 eggs and half a can of tuna (70 cal per egg, 70 cal per half tuna can) are 210 calories, and for what’s probably more than your daily serving of protein, it’s a very filling, low-cal meal.

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