A Rose with Starry Eyes

{March 4, 2010}   introspective drabbles

For some reason, I am apparently naturally beloved by teachers. It’s been that way since I was a child; teachers always seemed to love me, with a few exceptions. Maybe it’s because I lack so many social skills I end up sincere? Perhaps I remind them of themselves a bit. Maybe I had so few friends as a child they felt sorry for me. I know I was a good writer, and I truly loved to read and learn, and maybe that impressed them. As I grew older, I procrastinated more, but teachers still indulge me occasionally, and even the older woman in the Learning Center who I used to hate says hello to me and knows my name, smiles sometimes even.

Things I thought were close calls but weren’t:

  • Yesterday when Twin Bi asked me what I was blogging about – world peace?
  • Today when the lady in my Learning Center came up to me and said that she was “concerned about me” and I had all these pro blogs up on my screen. I had also printed thinspo and mantras from the printer in that room. She then started talking about how I was pounding too hard on keyboard (which has sticky keys) and would hurt my wrists – it might not show now but trust her, it would show in the future, she’d had the surgery to prove it, she said, pointing to a line on the underbelly of her wrist. I was SO relieved! The whole thing seemed sort of ridiculous…

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