A Rose with Starry Eyes

{March 7, 2010}   new triggers
  1. Legs’ feircesomeness and strength in Foxfire; tough like Legs when hunger hits, determined to see bone.
  2. Alice after the growing potion, body curved against the ceiling; her stomach is flat. wouldn’t yours be lumpy and full of rolls?
  3. you can see Alice’s collarbones in every single shot
  4. strength. you consider yourself able to get anything you want – well, staple your mouth shut and reach the level of dedication that so many other successful actresses have already.
  5. sticking yourself with an antique hat pin
  6. Alice’s 3 big slashes on her arm
  7. Alice as Joan of Arc, slim and pretty even in armor
  8. exercise isn’t a task; it is freedom. it is what sustains your Lolita-ness, it is what keeps you untouchable,it is what gives you what you want.
  9. the light blue button coat Alice wears in the end of the movie
  10. Alice’s couture gowns throughout the film
  11. long, honey-colored softly curled hair, streaming out behind Alice as she runs
  12. gorgeous blue silk couture gown, hanging loose on her frame, rustling as she moves
  13. Brigitte Bardot, luscious and petulant, an almost prepubescent beachy beauty.

Face Down by Red Jumpsuit Apparatus

Lets Go All the Way by ICP

et cetera
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