A Rose with Starry Eyes

{March 8, 2010}   basic plan

Random Lists; goals, plans, etc.

  1. modifications:
    1. body wrap
    2. corset
    3. vitamin B-12 injections
  2. workout
    1. kettlebell (burn 1200 calories per hour)
    2. 5 Factor (only 25 minutes! good for the morning)
    3. swimming (works all muscles)
    4. pole dance (lessons here: Amie’s “I-Pole and Fitness Team”  (414) 461-POLE, then do it on my own at home)
  3. diet
    1. Shangri-La diet that’s high protein, low-carb
    2. raw CRON (can change eye-color to green then blue because toxins are purged; do this before filming for continuity purposes, begin when you move in with BF.)
  4. appetite suppressants, fat burners
    1. adderall
    2. lipostim3
    3. lipoflame
  5. cosmetics
    1. lip suction plumper
    2. dinair makeup spray kit
    3. eyelash extensions
  6. surgical procedures
    1. rhinoplasty
      1. I have a bulbous upturned nose.
      2. I need a closed-nose rhinoplasty
      3. role models: Eva Green, Claudia Schiffer, Mary Kate Olsen
    2. chemical peel
    3. laser eye surgery

Top 10 Goals in the Next 10 Years

  1. win an Oscar

  2. get a rich BF/husband

  3. train with Rosetree (cut chords of attachment, read auras)

  4. reach my goal weight & appearance

  5. learn to ride & own a motorcycle

  6. attend Burning Man

  7. take Cat Yronwode’s magic course

  8. get into my goal college (UWMadison)

  9. learn to swim

  10. fluently speak another language

  1. appetite suppressants
    1. adderall
    2. cinnamon capsules
    3. Shangri-La diet
  2. exercise:

    1. elliptical 1 to 2 hours daily
    2. 5 Factor Fitness
  3. keep busy:

    1. cross-stitching
  4. other aids:
    1. corset
  5. meal plan
    1. basic diet of Carnation, Clif, egg omelette with tuna, bowl of fruit
    2. Shangri La diet: have 1 to 2 tbsp extra light olive oil at least 2 times a day, maximum three. you need an hour of no flavor on both sides. the calories with no flavor act as famine food so your body thinks that your appetite should be decreased and your fat-burning should be accelerated. NOTE: you can “float” a tablespoon of oil on top of half a cup of water and you barely notice it at all.

1) write and publish a book
2) do EFT
3) be a better singer
4) be involved in a UU church
5) get multiple degrees

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