A Rose with Starry Eyes

{March 10, 2010}   life update: djab

I feel really good right now. I am planning to re-consecrate the djab later today. I stole matches last night, I already have sage from the Bee, I have holy water, etc. I am ready. I am starting small and working my way up. The djab is not getting a single reward unless he works for it.

It’s important to focus very intently on what it is that you want. Maybe that’s what I haven’t been doing; I’ll just daydream as I ask the djab and it’ll happen for sure! 🙂

It should help my levels of faith if I remind myself of how powerful and happy to serve they are. One woman asked the djab to make a target miserable, and a car ended up running into the front of the house of the target. (It’s important to be specific!) But that’s just a great example of their power; if a newly-given djab can cause a car crash, then why couldn’t it get dad to give me an allowance or reset my body weight as Shiney gets fatter?

I’m currently plotting what to ask for first. Perhaps just finding 10 dollars on the ground? Here are my brainstorms thus far:

  1. Find $10 on the ground.
  2. Get 50 followers on blogger in a week
  3. Make dad give me an allowance/ randomly give me $
  4. Better rankings at forensics
  5. Assist in rich boyfriend conjure
  6. Win writing competition with a cash prize
  7. Shiney revenge:
    1. “make her miserable”
    2. compel her to shave her head
    3. make her get horrible grades, all Ds and Cs.
    4. make her ravenous to eat; gains weight til she’s 180 pounds
    5. for her to get so paranoid about her friends betraying her that she hurts them before they can hurt her. (Rach, Xang, Mr. Co-Dependent, the twins, Gina, etc.) she becomes so mean that she permanently loses all her friends.
  8. Lose weight:
    1. faster metabolism
    2. completely kill my desire to eat; NO appetite left
    3. make me LOVE exercise; obsessive exerciser
    4. put my body’s set point weight at 120 pounds
  9. Eyecolor change


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