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{March 12, 2010}   ANTM ED history

Here is a history of eating disorders and weight on ANTM:

Cycle one
Eating Disorders: Elyse is accused of having an eating disorder. She denies it.
Plus Size: Robin
Weight Issues: Yoanna is criticized for her weight (too big), Elyse is criticized for her eating habits and weight (too small), and Tyra comments that she has tried to increase the size of the ideal model by including contestants like Kesse.
Other notes: Contestants were weighed

Cycle two
Eating Disorders: Camille accuses Yoanna of having an eating disorder, which shocks and offends Yoanna.
Plus-Size: Anna
Weight Issues: Yoanna struggles with her body weight. Bethany is criticized because her larger bust is too sexy for high fashion.
Other notes: Yoanna appears to have lost the weight after winning. Anna lost weight and started to work as a regular-size model.

Cycle three
Eating Disorders: Plus-size model Kate Dillon appears and talks about an eating disorder that she once had. Cassie has an eating disorder.
Plus-Size: Toccara
Weight Issues: Toccara loses her spunk as she is unable to fit into the designer’s clothes.
Other notes: Toccara appeared on “Celebrity Fit Club” twice and defended her plus-size frame both times. Tyra has a heart-to-heart with her mother about eliminating Cassie without being able to help with her ED.

Cycle four
Eating Disorders: N/A
Plus-Size: Brita is not considered plus, but is noticeably bigger than the other models.
Weight Issues: Keenyah struggles with weight gain and cannot seem to control her appetite even when the judges mention dieting tips at panel.
Other notes: Keenyah is chosen to portray gluttony and an elephant in two photo shoots.

Cycle Five
Eating Disorders: N/A
Plus-Size: Diane
Weight Issues: Lisa and Coryn argue about Coryn’s exercise habits. Lisa feels that Coryn’s body is too toned and thinks she needs to stop exercising. Coryn disagrees (despite comments from the judges).
Other notes: This is the second time the largest contestant (Diane) has been eliminated because of her personality.

Cycle six
Eating Disorders: N/A
Plus-Size: Kari was the largest model, but she was not considered plus-size.
Weight Issues: N/A
Other notes: Furonda is quite thin.

Cycle seven:
Eating Disorders: In the first photo shoot, Michelle portrays a bulimic model while Amanda portrays an anorexic model.
Plus-Size: Anchal is the largest girl, but she was not considered plus-size
Weight Issues: Anchal struggles with weight gain and self-esteem.
Other notes: Twiggy makes an misguided comment about Jaeda’s body being too muscular sometimes (a six pack was airbrushed on Jaeda’s stomch).

Cycle 8
Eating Disorders: N/A
Plus-size: Whitney and Diana
Weight Issues: Diana and Whitney find strength in numbers, but are not able to present their bodies well enough in photos.
Other notes: Jaslene has a very slight frame.

Cycle 9
Eating Disorders: Heather faints because she didn’t eat that day, but this was not an eating disorder.
Plus-size: Sarah, although many thought Mila was also plus-size before the cycle aired. Mr. Jay calls Sarah a “real-size” model because she is too small to be plus.
Weight Issues: Sarah loses weight and the judges are not happy about that. Heather says that the medication she takes for her ADHD and/or autism cause her to be thin. Bianca tells Saleisha that she has large thighs.
Other notes: Sarah is eliminated partly because of her weight loss and partly because of her personality and self-esteem.

Cycle 10
Eating Disorders: Allison
Plus-size: Whitney
Weight Issues: One of the designers in the go-see challenge says Fatima is too small to fit her clothes. Whitney is also discriminated against because of her size. Stacy Ann calls Whitney fat. Fatima tells Allison that she has a large butt, but Allison and Amis disagree. Allison is shown measuring her waist. Dominique has dimples in her rear.
Other notes: Despite facing many obstacles, Whitney does not let her size affect her performance.

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