A Rose with Starry Eyes

{March 12, 2010}   nu plan
  • don’t eat until hungry
  • have oil in AM, have oil at noon
  • take adderall when you get home
  • no eating until 7PM

on work days:

  • don’t eat AT ALL until you’re on break at work. it’ll make the food mean more to you, make you determined not to binge, plus it justifies the money being spent.
  • options:
    • raspberry vinegarette is 45 calories
    • garden fresco salad (229 calories, $1.99 on shift)
    • side salad (60 calories, $1.04)
    • side ceaser salad (54 calories)
    • mashed potatoes, no gravy (132 calories, $.79)

on non-work days:

  • go home; change into purple dress, don’t cover it up.
  • take adderall.

Look at it like a game. see how few calories you can eat. numbers, numbers, numbers. trying to kill the hunger; seeing how long it can take to kill the hunger, literally not feel it, not think about hunger. forget food. obsessively plot the adderall, the olive oil, the dosages. no hunger, no problem. one DVD on the elliptical, one workout DVD, one meal a day; watch the numbers on the scale drop.

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