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{March 16, 2010}   guest stars: violet, other

Guest star violet talks thinspiring Brit TV and other guest has pics of the world’s largest mirror…

Monday, 15 March 2010

“Diet or my husband dies!”

When you see a documentary titled “Diet, or my husband dies!” in the TV Guide, what choice do you really have?

Reasons why it was amazing

#1. Devon!
Oh yes! Score. My little county is famous once more. Which meant loooooads of lovely shots of the inside of my gym, my hospital, my beach, my lighthouse.
Oh yeah, bitches, do you have a lighthouse?
A famous lighthouse. That’s been on a TV box?
No. Didn’t think so.

#2. The fucking awesome title.
“Diet, or my husband dies!”
Oooh, feel the drama!

#3. A Medical Information Message for the People.
Ok, no jokes on this one. It was all about a woman trying to lose weight so she could donate a kidney to her husband, and organ transfers are so woefully scarce in Britain that it is genuinely fantastic to have something, anything, that highlights this.

#4. Reverse Thinspo.
Lots. And lots. And just when I felt a little hungry, there was another shot of her struggling to keep up on the treadmill. So no snacking. Fantastical…

#5. Squeamish Surgery Shots.
Definitely no snacking.

#6. A Love Story.
Complete with soft focus, teary eyed scenes with Breathe Me by Sia playing in the background. And that’s a lovely song.

#7. Fail.
The woman’s misunderstanding of how weightloss works, how quickly she could lose the weight.
It made me feel very in-the-know.

#8. Fail Take 2.
Her misunderstanding of how the NHS works.
Just because you’ve lost weight doesn’t mean the surgery will happen tomorrow.
Form an orderly queue.
You’d think with everyone complaining about surgery waiting lists, she wouldn’t have been so surprised that she had to wait a month or two.

#9. Narrated by David Tennant.
He’s Doctor Who! It doesn’t get much more bad-ass than that.

Ok, despite my completely unfair condescending attitude, it really was a good documentary and the woman did lose a lot of weight and improved her husband’s health tenfold.

So all my British followers should scurry along to BBC iPlayer and find it. And all my non-British ones should sit around and wish they were. How fun for you all.

Love and stuff.

At The Hour Of 23:35



Sunday, March 14, 2010

mirror land

this is Salar de Uyuni in Bolivia, one of the worlds biggest mirrors. have you ever been there? if so, tell me.

it’s the remains of dried-up prehistoric lakes, the worlds largest salt flat. the reflective salt gives you the illusion you’re walking on clouds. for the past two nights, this is all I’ve dreamt about. for the past two nights, this is all that has existed.

take me there,
where heaven meets earth.

Posted by Aurora at 3:44 PM

Violet says:

Why are these two posts merged? I’m pretty pissed now. You have no right to use my work without permission. And you have taken it out of context. I have an ED, I blog about it. I am IN NO WAY promoting this “pro-ana” idea. You are associating me with something I have no desire to be seen with. It is ridiculous.

I know some of the other girls whose work is up here from real life, not through blogging, and I’m sure they would feel the same. Please email me to discuss this asap.

Violet says:

Email address is alicemaigrir@live.co.uk in case wordpress don’t show it.

I know I’m being really pissy but it’s important. If this isn’t down soon I’ll have to contact the other bloggers featured here so they can take action themselves.

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