A Rose with Starry Eyes

{March 18, 2010}   guest: CRON

We started making blends of green tea with herbals that I like, such as peppermint, lemon, or blueberry. But I often forget to drink my tea, and MR gets worried because EGCGs in green tea are so good for you that he quite demands that I drink a pot a day.

Consider that problem solved. I am in lust with genmai cha.

As soon as he found out that I had discovered a green tea I was crazy about, he phoned the restaurant to make sure he knew the right kind to order. Sure enough, it wasn’t sencha with barley, it’s sencha with roasted rice. He ordered it, and it just arrived a few days ago.

But I wasn’t allowed to have it until I finished the backlog of green and herbal blends he made me while I was in California.

“Oh, you are so two teas ago!” I thought as I consumed the last dregs of the pre-genmai cha era.

Then this morning he made me the first pot.

As soon as I smelled it I knew it was the right stuff. Slightly peppery. The first sip was ecstatic. Yep, that’s it. Unmistakeable. Real green tea but with an unpredictable twist.

I like to have something to sip on all day at work (and all night, in many cases, as organizers work 24/7.) This summer I discovered that I can’t drink coffee because too much caffeine at once gives me anxiety. This after years of being a hardcore coffee drinker, but anyway… sometimes you don’t know what’s hurting you until you accidentally go without it for awhile.

So all summer I drank decaf iced coffee. I’d brew it at home, super strong, and keep it in the fridge, pouring it over ice when I was ready to drink it. But it’s turned fall now, quite cool really just as of today, and it’s time for a new drink.

I’m on my second pot of the day.

link: http://www.mprize.org/blogs/archives/2008/10/

Sure enough, I needed a tetnus shot. And they decided to draw blood to make sure I had a baseline test, and then do follow up tests in six weeks. The chances of catching anything from a needle that had been on the ground for a long time (it was beat up, I saved it in case they could test it but they couldn’t) are almost nothing, but life-extentionists don’t take chances.

I don’t know if anyone remembers my stories of blood draws, but I am a very, very rough stick. You can see my veins, but they’re very hard to get blood out of.

Ouch. Ouch ouch ouch. “I can see the vein, but I can’t get any blood out of it,” she says.

For some reason I feel compelled to offer an explanation. “I forgot to mention that I’m a vampire. I don’t have blood. Sorry bout that.”

She laughs. I make jokes when I’m in pain. Still, moving a giant needle around inside my arm. The room is once again going black again.

“I’m so sorry, but this isn’t going to work. We need to stop.”

She pulls the needle out of my arm and I hear a commotion outside. “Her partner is here, can he come in?”

Of course he can! And through the door walks an angel… well, actually a 37 year old man who vaguely resembles a giraffe but he’s my angel. I had called him while I was waiting to see the doctor but I didn’t realize he’d jump in the car and come to be at my side.

“Oh sweetie, thank you so much for coming.”

“I knew you’d have a hard time if they were drawing blood, so I came to hold your hand and take you home.”

I felt so loved that I figured I could get through another round of attempted blood draws, even though my attempts to stress myself out about work weren’t dulling the pain.

“She has tiny veins, use a butterfly needle,” he commanded the medical assistant. He is very protective of me and I love it. I’ve spent much of my adult life rescuing men from bad situations… I have what I call a Princess Leia complex, named after the part of Return of the Jedi where Leia comes to save Han Solo from Jabba the Hutt. Don’t worry, the princess is here to rescue you, and she’s holding a thermal detonator, isn’t that nice? But even warrior princesses need to be protected sometimes, and it always makes me feel so safe when this extremely soft-spoken skinny fellow takes over the situation.

The medical assistant did as he asked, much like my cat, to my amazement, does whatever MR tells him to, including jumping down from the counter on his command. It hurt terribly but they did get some blood out of me.

MR went to tell Jeannie that he’d take me home so she didn’t have to wait, and I drank some of the cherry Coke Zero he brought me (my favorite!) I stayed there resting with him holding my hand until I felt like I could get up, and even then he offered to carry me to the car if need be. One advantage to being both short and on moderate CR is that just about anyone can carry me if necessary.

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