A Rose with Starry Eyes

{March 18, 2010}   guest star: CRON

I have risked my life many times going out eating and drinking with my old best friends, in spite of MR’s sad face, so I can actually understand Bella’s decision, and that’s probably why it bothers me so much. When faced with the real prospect of immortality, how can you let anything silly like a fleeting feeling of freedom get in the way?

Of course none of us thinks we’ll be immortal. Even Aubrey de Grey doesn’t believe in that… and CR, at very most optimistic, might gain us 8 years or so. Long enough to catch the bus to radical life-extension? We hope so, but we don’t know. Some days we are more optimistic than others.

Yet there is this phenomenon among CR practitioners where the way they look seems frozen in time at the point when they started CR. They don’t age anymore. Robert K, Mary, Matt, Mike are all examples. They look the same conference after conference.

I feel like I am at a turning point. I can freeze in time where I am now, a feat that can only be accomplished by hardcore CR, or I can continue to age like the neighbors (assuming I don’t eat them) and die sooner than I had to.

The issue really is life-extension. I know CR works… I’ve known Robert K. for over five years, and he’s not aging. I live with MR, and he’s barely aging. RDF may not be consciously on CR, but is obviously doing some something with a low carb diet because he looks ten years younger than he claims to be.

The question for me re: CR is not if, it’s how. And carb restriction (moderate) seems to be working for me. MR can tell I’m thinner. My clothes are starting to fall off (not cool when you have to run to catch a flight) and I’m not hungry very often.

The great thing about low-ish carb is that it has all the fun of jumping on the back of Jacob’s motorcycle, with all the advantages of staying young and ageless with the translucent, glowing Edward. Because I was so indoctrinated into the low fat dogma as a very young woman, I get tremendous thrills out of eating FAT! Haha! Now, granted, I’m still not allowed to eat whole eggs (Edward won’t let up on that) but I do get a little bit of good girl gone bad excitement every time I eat ten more grams of almonds or pumpkin seeds. And my hair is magnificent, in a very bad-girl appropriate way. Of course, I pin it up conservatively for work.

link: http://www.mprize.org/blogs/archives/2009/12/

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