A Rose with Starry Eyes

{April 21, 2010}   daily personal update

Still awaiting a response from the voodoo woman. I don’t know WHAT I’ll do if she says that the physical changes spell isn’t good for metabolism… (Apparently it’ll take a few months anyways but I can wait that long.)

Thanks to today’s career fair at school, I’m considering what to do on the side until I’ve hit my stride acting. You can take a 600 hour massage class for $7, 125 after you graduate high school and get a license; someone told me that you’re sure to make back all the money you spent on tuition within a year. I think I might do that…

Random Shiney news. She’s even more of an idiot than I thought. I had thought she’d left the whole “multiple personalities” schtick behind, but apparently Xang heard at a party that her “friends” were rolling their eyes about “Good Shiney” and “Bad Shiney”.

Better yet, when I asked M for a scissors, she made me promise that I wasn’t going to cut myself. I said no, and she’s like “Good, because beleive it or not I had a kid do that before.” I couldn’t help myself. I was like, “Really? I know someone like that.” I said it REALLY loudly and looked at Shiney from across the room. She looked right at me, and I’m SURE that she knew I meant her. M’s like,  “Like really, who borrows a scissors so they can cut themselves?” I look RIGHT at Shiney and go “The girl I knew had her own special bag.” She looked really upset and nervous at that point, and I was really tempted to spill it to M that “the person is in this room”, but I didn’t. I preferred watching her squirm. XD

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