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{May 11, 2010}   fat camp, LOL

fat camp reality tv, WOW.

Fat Camp Catch Up Post

Dianne Then

Dianne is 14 years old and is home schooled due to her weight and health issues. While she attends CPT, her mother works as one of the infirmary nurses. Dianne puts in very little physical effort during her eight-week stay. She spends lots of time with her mother and spends as little time as possible with her bunkmates.

Diane Now

Dianne attends the University of Southern Mississippi and is studying English Literature and Education. She Graduated in 2009 and has a hot ass brother who could hit it six ways from Sunday. She attends parties and names her facebook photo albums after weezy lyrics. She would like to get married in the future, but for now she is “still looking. No word if she still listens to Sweet Home Alabama.


Petey, Marisa and Matt Then
[no photo available because there wasn’t anything available on the first page of google image search]

Petey and Marisa were boyfriend-girlfriend during the previous year’s Fat Camp. But after hanging out once during the school year, Marisa has soured on Petey. Now Petey will do anything to get Marisa back, while doing lots of talking behind her back. Marisa moves on to date Matt, who just happens to be Petey’s biggest rival. Petey also says that Matt always gets his seconds. And that he told Amanda that he was getting tired of Marisa so then Petey can move in and get Marisa back again, all the while dating his new girlfriend Chelsea. Can Petey change Marisa’s feelings for him? What about Chelsea?

Petey Now

Petey now lives in NYC and owns a club promoting agency type thing called “the alliance.” No word whether or not he is there to make friends.


Braelyn then
[no photo available because there wasn’t anything available on the first page of google image search]

Marisa Now

Marisa has one S in her name (What is up with that, like, for reals? Is that a thing?) and graduated high school in 2006. According to her profile she is “looking for friendship.” Also from her profile:

“give me days I’ll never forget, and nights I’ll always remember. Give me everything I want, and nothing I need. Give me you. Give me sexy. Give me, Victoria’s Secret.”

So, that’s something. She also has a tattoo and some very beautiful side boob!


Matt Now
Matt now works as some sort of chef or something. His favorite show is the one he was on. He could probably get it, too.


Braelyn Then
[no photo available because there wasn’t anything available on the first page of google image search]

Braelyn is a junior counselor dating Sam, but the show causes her to seem most interested in sneaking off the campground and smoking, as well as eating. Will she be able to last through the summer with the wild group of girls she has?

Braelyn Now

Braelyn’s profile has, like, zero information unless you’re friends with her. Her pictures are public though, so I assume her hobbies include kissy faces, large gold hoop earings, and general free bitchery

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This post is brought to you by my semi employment

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