A Rose with Starry Eyes

{May 18, 2010}   in 10 years


  1. happy family background, wealthy father to completely support me if necessary
  2. really amazing guy (especially dev) to be smitten & in a long-term relationship
  3. trust fund, car, apartment, etc.
  4. acheive an appearance I’m  content with (face, body)
  5. to have a pet like a teacup pig or cockatiel
  6. be at least a fairly well-known actress with an impressive resume
  7. have traveled to at least 20 countries
  8. have a group of close friends
  9. for me and BF to attend Unitarian Universalist church with great people and community vibe.
  10. have some sort of degree in a good feild; ie, work on getting masters on the side or something.
  11. be able to play a musical instrument well (anything from piano to ocarina)
  12. be multilingual

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