A Rose with Starry Eyes

{November 11, 2011}   potential diet pills

After browsing body building forums for their hard-core pill-popping far loss secrets, this is what I found….


  • There’s an ongoing debate about whether or not Clen is worth the potential health risks, which mainly pertain to the heart.
  • It is ESSENTIAL that you supplement clen with taurine, which eliminates chances of a “rebound”. Rebounds include headaches, cramps, and bouncing back to your original weight.
  • You have to “cycle” dosage amounts, then go off the dosage, then go back on and continue to cycle. Never go over a 120mg dose.


  • Hydration is SO key. 20 ounces of water each time you take them.
  • Lipostim is comparable to adderall in that you get an intense, buzzy high.
  • Lipostim 3 is the newest, best blend and only requires 1 pill in the morning.

Recommended Diet

  • LOW-CARB. especially if you’re doing clen, but ANY diet needs low-carb.
  • a good vegetarian low-carb diet would involve a lot of seafood and protein foods.
  • almonds, eggs with cheese (scrambled, hard-boiled, omlette, etc.), tuna, eggs with tuna, tuna with low-fat mayo, etc.

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