A Rose with Starry Eyes

{February 13, 2010}   ana’s alphabet

a is for ana, my doorway to success.
b is for bulimia, for those with no finesse.
c is for cellulite, like nasty cottage cheese, and
d is for dysmorphia, may your body hear your pleas.
e is for ednos, the healthiest of ways.
f is for fasting on water, be gaunt in just 10 days!
g is for gorgeous, just one of ana’s perks.
h is my mantra: hunger hurts but starving works.
i is invisible, the way a fat girl is, and
j is for acting jobs; fatties never make it in show biz!
k is for kalorie shifting to confuse your body’s burning,
l is for loser, and escape from which you’re yearning.
m is for mermaid, whose fish you’ll surely fry.
n is for nasty fat, to which you’ll wave goodbye!
o is for an Oscar, which you will surely win
p is for
perhaps, since you only triumph if you’re thin.
q is for quitter, whose lives are only sundry
r is for red bracelet, donate to “I Went Hungry”.
s is for spit and chew, alternative to bingeing,
t is for tiny, when you’re there you won’t be whingeing!
u is for underwear, lacy, silky, scanty.
v is for vegan, your plan to fit INTO your panties!
w is for wannarexic, the bitch you must outdo.
x is for extra-small, your dress size at your movie debut!
y is for why did you wait so long, when thin makes you this happy, and
z is for zero, the size that you will be! 🙂




  • Sundry can mean “everyone”, OR it can be an Old English meaning for “extra, excessive” (an Austral).
  • whineging is a British way of says “whining” or “complaining”, pronounced win-j-ing.

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