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{March 12, 2010}   Elyse on ANTM

Britain’s Next Top Model anorexia blog:¬†http://the-f-word.org/blog/index.php/2009/04/14/britains-next-top-model-from-anorexic-ideal-to-openly-anorexic/

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thread discusses Elyse’s supposed anorexia; AMAZING notes on hypocrisy: http://forums.televisionwithoutpity.com/index.php?showtopic=3117370&st=30

  • Elyse was 5’10” and 114, which is 8 pounds heavier than the same-height Shandi, who got next to no hassling on the show for having those proportions, even after she fainted. Then again, the other contestants didn’t see Shandi as much of a threat (cue “Aw, Shandi.”), unlike Elyse. Keeping your mouth shut can pay dividends.
  • I’m not sure the eating disorder was fake…she looks seriously unhealthy to me, and even her buddy Adrienne indicated that something was fishy. Obviously nothing can be proven based on the footage we saw, but I don’t think we can say definitively whether she had one or not, just because Elyse and her boyfriend claim that she loves ice cream or whatever. I think I really began to loathe Elyse when she said that of course she couldn’t have an eating disorder, because she was so dang smart and knew much more about eating disorders than any of the other girls. Well honey, if you did know a lot about eating disorders, you would realize that chicks like you often develop them. I know several female medical students who are extremely intelligent, driven, and arrogant who suffer from eating disorders. Just because you’re smart and know what they are doesn’t mean you can’t have one.
  • J. Alexander saying she’s great for clothes. They do call the runway models “clothes hangers.” Crap, I think I said that about last season…anyway, she’s the actual body type. We all know that, though.
  • After watching all these other supposed models freak out over Elyse’s supposed eating disorder, it’s obvious none of them have a future in high fashion modeling, nor have a clue over what it’s all about.
    Have any of them ever watched any European fashion shows? If anything, most professional haute couture runway models make Elyse look quite healthy.
    Those gals are insanely tall, whispy rails, literal clothes hangers, and that’s the standard for the runways. I‘m sure most of them live on champage, cigarrettes, coffee, and the occasional salad…if they’re not snorting coke.
  • I think most women have a somewhat tenuous relationship with food. Elyse seems to feel good about her body. I know, she wants to stay that skinny and that’s a bit scary. At the same time, I have read a few studies showing how eating much less is actually good for you and can extend your life span significantly. She doesn’t look like she’s dying to me, or thin beyond her body’s comfort level. I know Adrianne was worried too, but the fact that Robin used it as a way to make Elyse seem like she shouldn’t be there (jeebus, how many fucking ways does she go out of her way to alienate Elyse?), makes me wanna say it isn’t true. If I heard her say something like, “Oh, no, I eat cookies and pastries all day long,” well, that’s like the red banner for eating disorders. She seems aware that she eats little, and doesn’t obsess all that much.
  • I’m not naturally THAT thin, but while I was seriously ill for over a year I had the eating disorder accusation thrown at me repeatedly at work, by friends, and (most fun) by doctors who wouldn’t listen to me. I got very defensive very fast about it. A lot of it was due to the tone and attitude people would take towards me when ‘expressing concern’. They wouldn’t ask a morbidly obese person standing next to me if they were a compulsive eater, but it was perfectly all right to them to grill me about what I ate, monitor me in public, and time the difference between my eating and my bathroom trips. And compare notes. I started yelling at people after a few months of that, too. And carrying around endoscopy pictures detailing why I was losing weight. And whipping them out. At restaurants. I could make anyone anorexic.
  • More on subject, I know how you feel about people questioning whether you have an eating disorder. When I went hyperthyroid for the first time, I dropped 20 pounds and was pretty skeletal. My mom kept accusing me of being anorexic, and it drove me nuts trying to explain to her that I was losing weight on purpose. I really empathize with Elyse. Even though I’ve gained the weight back, my eating philosophy is like Elyse’s: I eat when I’m hungry and stop when I’m full. And I’ve had quite a few friends make mean-spirited remarks about how I “never eat.” It gets old, fast.
  • Did anyone notice that she had a Bust magazine with her a few episodes ago?
  • Robin used every opportunity to bring up Elyse’s so-called eating disorder, notice? I like how she wore a freaking towel over her butt in the first few shoots, cried because of how she felt about her body, and then at the Zen sit-in, went on about how she embraced every curve on her precious god-given body, and then on and on (like the freakin prayer about those demons) about how the fashion industry makes people too skinny and have eating disorders, Elyse.
    Shannon looks more like she’s missing some nutrients due to poor eating habits. Her skin and hair look a little rough…
  • She has such a small stomach/frame anyway—why would she have a huge appetite? Different body types, different metabolism/appetite rates too.
    I’ve recently lost over 20 pounds, and some folks have actually asked me if I have an eating disorder because I don’t “care about food as much.”
    Hello, my stomach is smaller, hence my appetite is smaller! Why is this such a big mystery to some folks?
    If anything, she has a very healthy perspective of food—we’re not supposed to snack or graze throughout the day at the rate that most of America does, and most people DON’T know when to judge when they’ve eaten too much or when they’re actually hungry.
  • Re: Elyse’s abilities in medical school. She’ll do fine. However, she needs to understand that in med (and law) school, there is ALWAYS someone smarter than you. You’re a Regents Scholar? Your classmate is a Rhodes Scholar. Magna Cum Laude with a double major? Your classmate graduated Summa Cum Laude with three majors and finished in three years. Once she can understand that she will not be the best (something I had to accept as well), she’ll be fine.

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  • Elyse also fainted, didn’t she? Or was that someone else? I know Elyse says she doesn’t have an ED and lord knows her blog is all about food, but seeing her eat oatmeal at a pizza parlor really looked like a model trying not to gain weight.
  • Shandi fainted during the makeup challenge. She was shoved into some hot lights and acknowledged afterwards that she hadn’t been eating properly.

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