A Rose with Starry Eyes

{April 19, 2010}   naturally thin.

I can’t get the idea out of my mind – what it must be like to be so naturally skinny that you don’t have to worry about what you eat, no need for major overhaul, just a couple adjustments. Sigh. It’s like a dream. Body like Gisele, Selma Blair, that freshman girl K….

No more crash-dieting. No more jealousy. TONS of cheap clothes new from the sales rack because no one else can fit them (Wet Seal, Charlotte Russe; an entire bumber-crop from Victor/Victoria’s!).

5′ 10″, 115 pounds. Corseted, too. And fasting on kale lemonade til I’m a twig.

Gods, I could even do some modeling! And if I were naturally thin it would be no trouble at all. Doing CRON I could freeze my physical self where I am and stay stick-bug-y and waifish forever! My senior year I could be making money just by posing.

Smokey-eyed red-head with pulpy lips and watery green eyes. Pale, twiggy limbs and translucent skin. She looks like an old-fashioned bisque doll with milky skin and green glass eyes.

Almost-boyish body dressed in a plaid tartan miniskirt and the type of thin white t-shirt that most men wear under their clothes. A red beret like the one that girl wore in the Dreamers. With her innocently blossoming look, she’s like a petulant sex kitten or a naive ’60s schoolgirl. kittenish wispy BB

She wears little-kid’s makeup, bare arms dusty with glitter and

Fiery red hair touseled and soft,

Like a Lolita or a Lola or a Lux. A Holly or an Edie or a Valentine.

et cetera