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{November 11, 2011}   tough love article for fatties

February 08, 2010

Fat? Just think yourself thin

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If you’re fat, it’s your fault. Stop blaming food companies and diets and look in the mirror. You’re the problem. You’re the solution. Grow up, get tough and fix it.” –Steve Siebold, author of “Die Fat or Get Tough: 101 Differences in Thinking Between Fat People and Fit People.”

Ah, if only it were that easy. But in some cases it is. While we know that genetics and social factors also play a role in obesity, for some people, weight loss simply requires the right mindset.

Once you know how to think like a “fit” person, rather than a “fat” person, the weight will come off like magic, said Seibold, a mental toughness coach who trains corporate sales teams and athletes.

For example, fat people, or what Siebold calls “middle class thinkers,” believe diet and exercise is an added burden in life that can only be tolerated for short periods of time.

Fit people, on the other hand, or “world class thinkers” see diet and exercise as a mandatory habit that will keep them physically, emotionally and mentally sharp.

That means expect to feel pain or suffer when you’re working out, said Siebold, whose book looks at 101 differences between fat and fit thinking. Then have a plan to push forward when through it, rather than giving up. “If you’re not ready to suffer during adversity, you’re not going to be successful,” he said.

Siebold insists he’s not preaching from an ivory tower. The idea for the book came after he packed on 40 pounds while traveling around the country speaking on mental toughness. His doctor suggested he started following his own advice.

So Siebold applied his tough love approach to obesity and wrote what he called the “Fat Loser” workout. He lost the weight and says if he can do it, so can you.

As you might expect, his “it’s-your-own-damn-fault” approach doesn’t always go over very well. He received three death threats after his recent appearance on the Today Show

But Siebold says overweight people are living in an alternate reality. When he asked those who were at least 50 pounds overweight and married whether their size affected their sex life, 90 percent said “no,” he said.

That’s the level of delusion we found,” he said. “These people are smart and educated but delusional. Your husband doesn’t notice? Women would say ‘he loves me.’ I’d say, ‘Of course he loves you but do you think he’s just as attracted to you as when you were thinner?’ The delusions run so thick with this topic it’s unbelievable.”

His bottom line? The thinking is the cause. “Go to your doctor, get on a good diet and then do the work and get the result. The only variable is you,” Siebold said.

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{February 10, 2010}   Reasons To Be Skinny
  1. Fat is a repellant.
  2. Fat denotes laziness & stupidity.
  3. People are biologically programmed to treat attractive people better; they are more likely to get a job, more likely to have higher pay check, more likely to be viewed as intelligent & trustworthy.
  4. You don’t want lumpy thighs or cellulite, do you?
  5. Jelly legs or lean ballet legs?
  6. Insomnia is a side effect of being fat.
  7. Spotty skin often goes hand-in-hand with higher weight.
  8. To look good in anything you wear!
  9. Attract guys!
  10. Make people envy you the way you envied them.
  11. Don’t be a slave to your own body and biological impulses.
  12. You only have one life- spend it happy with yourself, or else what’s the point?
  13. Because you can!
  14. Never be singled out as the fat one
  15. Get noticed; don’t be invisible anymore!
  16. Be confident in bed
  17. Because nothing tastes as good as thin
  18. I want to be able to love the camera!
  19. I want to look gorgeous
  20. I need to accomplish something completely and know without a doubt that I did it!!
  21. To sit on a guy’s lap without squashing him.
  22. Less environmental impact.
  23. No more backaches from large chest!
  24. Lower risk of diabetes
  25. Prove to Shiney that you can do what she never could!
  26. How will you ever become an actress if you don’t fit the mold?
  27. By avoiding bad, fatty, high-calorie foods, you will stave off lethargic feelings & sluggishness.
  28. Enjoy being on the beach, don’t be insecure and hiding!
  29. Don’t be the fattest girl at the audition; be the thinnest!
  30. If you want a hot boyfriend, you have to look hot yourself!
  31. Be graceful.
  32. Name a single hot, drool-worthy fat model. Even one. ….You can’t. There aren’t any.
  33. Be remembered as the “tall, thin one”.
  34. Anyone can have “inner beauty”, but who can have both inner and outer beauty?
  35. Fat people are so huge, yet people look away from them like they don’t exist…
  36. It’s easier to lose the weight now than it is to wait and lose it when you’re older and it’s practically impossible. Plus, as people age, their skin droops. Do you really want a droopy AND fat tummy?
  37. Slap a fat person and you can see shock-waves ripple over their skin.
  38. Imagine how great the complements will feel when people tell you how great, how thin you look, how they can really tell the difference!
  39. You can finally wear tanktops in the summertime!
  40. It’ll feel so great to walk into a store and try on anything.
  41. Your skin will be taut and toned; no stretch marks!
  42. Imagine waving goodbye to someone and having fat on your arm flapping. Granny bingo Wings much?
  43. You won’t sweat like a pig in the summertime.
  44. Tall people look best when thin. Tall people when curvy are plus-sized and big-boned.
  45. Whose career do you want, Kristie Allie’s or Kiera Knightley’s?
  46. When was the last time you heard “Wow, you’re so thin!”
  47. Bones are better than disgusting rolls of blubber.
  48. You can suck in your stomach but you can never suck in your thighs.
  49. No longer feel embarrassed to say you want to be an actress in films.
  50. Think of how you’ll feel when you try on clothes at a store and need to ask for a smaller size.
  51. Puffy cheeks, double chin, droopy forehead… OR large eyes, a straight jawline, & cheekbones?
  52. No longer a member of the plus-size club!
  53. Calorie Restriction has led to a longer lifespan in every species it has been tested on.
  54. You’ll finally be able to dance the way you always wanted to, a child yearning to do ballet but never allowed. Make that inner child proud!
  55. To be more flexible, able to bend as you’d like.
  56. Feel sleek and extended doing advanced yoga.
  57. Never worry about not being able to fit into a chair!
  58. It’s possible to learn to swim & pull self out of the water without struggling.
  59. Have absolutely gorgeous gams!
  60. So I can say my old weight out louad with pride, knowing that I lost all of that on my own.
  61. Never again be mistaken for a fat old mother!
  62. No more monster ham thighs!
  63. Thighs no longer touching.
  64. Have any haircut you want and it’ll still fit your face!
  65. No more spanx!
  66. Taking a luxurious bath without rolls of chub getting in the way.
  67. Never be the token fat girl!
  68. Finally earn that fragile wrist tattoo.
  69. You can dress as a lolita; delicate lace gloves, short skirt, etc.
  70. Remember that hot guy from Flight of the Conchords and how he was with the blonde girl, falling all over himself (and his friend!) to get to her. Don’t you want to be the hottest?
  71. Every top is a midriff top when you’re skinny! No more turning down clothes at goodwill.
  72. Bones feel better than blubber, both to have and to “hold”.
  73. Picture the look on his face when you take off your top on the beach at summer camp!
  74. No longer have to help myself up slowly with aching bones and extra weight from lying on the floor.
  75. Be skinny like an anime girl!
  76. Don’t you want to be the hot girl on the motorcycle? 😉
  77. Imagine how great it’ll be to take your picture in a photobooth and see the bone structure, your skinny face; no chubby chipmunk cheeks!
  78. No more puffy face!
  79. If you’re overweight, the only people who will want to date you will be other overweight people.
  80. Stand out and be special! Two-thirds of Americans are either overweight or obese. About one third are just “average”, and probably on the upper end of the weight range. Be that skinny 2%!
  81. Lose the weight and get the nose job that will fit your face!

et cetera