A Rose with Starry Eyes

{January 31, 2010}   ups and downs.

I’ve done callanetics several times and I think my body is tighter. I can tell from my abs and legs, where I could literally feel it for days afterwards, that the workout was working. I’m going to do it again today.


I’ve also decided to alter my diet plan, since it really wasn’t working before. It was too extreme. I’ve been reading a book called “5 Factor Fitness”, written by the same person who’s a trainer for Halle Berry and a lot of other Hollywood hotties. I learned that you need to have protein with every meal because otherwise your body doesn’t hold onto it the way it holds onto carbs and fat. (Not fair, right?!) I’m adding almonds to my diet since they’re high in calcium and protein. Since I’m a vegetarian, I’m hesitant to add turkey to my diet, but it’s so high in lean protein, I think I have to, or else I’ll run out of almonds too fast. He says to eat 5 small meals a day spaced out- so I’ve decided that I’m going to do the following plan:

  1. Breakfast: carnation drink packet with organic milk and a benefiber packet stirred in; optional banana. Also take 30 mg adderall XR
  2. Lunch: clif bar, water, benefiber packet. (I eat lunch early, so I don’t need a mid-morning snack.)
  3. Snack at 2pm-ish: 1 serving almonds, water. I always get hungry during this part of the day and binge at home, so no more of that! I’ll also take a 15 mg adderall to prevent a metabolism crash.
  4. Dinner at 5pm-ish: V8 juice, turkey (?… not really sure).
  5. Late night snack: fruit sorbet cup, 100 calories.

The book also contains a workout plan that I intend to follow, in addition to callanetics. I work out doing certain moves 5 days a week and it only takes 20 minutes! This is definitely someting I can stick to. I’ll need to use weights for a few exercises, but other than that it’ll be fine. I need to do more weight training anyways.


Personal life updates:

  1. The reading I payed for with that psychic is finally coming through. I’m supposed to call her on Friday. I’m really looking forward to it, since it should answer some big questions about my life.
  2. Got into a fight with Xang last night over IM, both about her friendship with Shiney and what she said about me the other day that triggered me. (See my previous quote of the day.) I think I’ll just apologize for the fight and invite her over afterschool on Monday to hang out and make up. I can deal with Shiney later- I’ll use hoodoo to make her fat and scare off her friends. For now, I’m focusing on bigger fish; my own success and bodily transformation, and the issue of X that I’m gettig the reading about.
  3. Thanks to aforementioned fight, I feel that I am now in unspoken competition with both Shiney and Xang. Xang is in recovery, so it doesn’t seem quite fair, but Shiney is still as annoying as ever, and I would LOVE to see her get engorged and fat as I get slimmer and slimmer.

et cetera