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{February 16, 2010}   notes about tight-lacing

My synopsis after thoroughly reading the Romantasy website & taking notes.

  1. 3 months needed for initial training
  2. 12-24 hours continuous daily can get results of a 4 to 8 inch reduction & help you lose 5, 10, 20, or more pounds! (in just a few months)
  3. they give you a special exercise and diet plan made just for you.
  4. you’ll have to do a moderate amount of waist-specific exercises.
  5. people can add 1 inch of height from having their posture permanently corrected via corset
  6. corsets minimize hunger pains; unberable cravings become literally non-existent.
  7. the tight-lacing supresses appetite & makes you prefer smaller portion sizes (almost like a lap-band, but on the outside!)
  8. there’s a lot more water-drinking, fiber, celery, soup, etc. involved
  9. you’ll eat several small meals throughout the day rather than 3 big ones to aid your digestion.
  10. to train, you’ll need a well-fitting under-bust hourglass Victorian style corset; not an overbust.
  11. there are ways of maintaining your new waistline even after you’ve stopped training.

These are my other specific plans for a smaller waist:

  1. Body Wrap: reduces inches everywhere, but you can spot-loss if you only do the wrap in that specific area.
  2. Corsetry: reduce roughly 8 inches permanently
  3. Exercise: ab exercises such as callanetics/pilates, 5 Factor Fitness (be sure to target all three ab sections)
  4. Diet changes: adderall daily, veganism, glass cranberry juice daily for diuretics, daily fiber intake
  5. Occasional fasting: water fast every weekend, after every binge, etc.

These are my specific plans for a corset:

  • wear the corset 22 to 23 hours daily
  • the only time you’re NOT wearing a corset is showering & exercise
  • non-corseted exercise consists of callanetics/pilates & 5 Factor Fitness
  • corseted exercise consists of: elliptical machine, stationary bike
  • 30 minute shower every alternating day.

A random blurb about the point of tight-lacing:

A survey of surviving Victorian stays shows that, while corseting was almost ubiquitous, few women could plausibly have even attempted to achieve what was popularly known as a “wasp-waist.” Organizing an exhibition several years ago for the Fashion Institute of Technology, Steele found that corseted waist-hip ratios tended toward .72 which, far from freakish, approximates the natural build of everyone from Kate Moss to Marilyn Monroe, Twiggy to the Venus de Milo. With good reason: A 1993 study published in the Journal of Personality and Social Psychology found consensus across ethnicity and gender for the desirability of approximately that ratio, numbers that typically indicate high fertility. So those secondary sexual characteristics admired by Havelock Ellis incite passion at a basic biological level, the level at which we objectify, at which we are objects of one another’s desire — the point at which basic procreation takes place.

My biggest problem is that I can’t pay for the corset! The one I need costs $300, and that’s IF I can get my waist down to 31″. If my waist stays where it is (35″-ish), it’ll cost an extra $20 for the cloth. (Callanetics, NO bingeing afterschool, etc. should do the trick, but I’ll have to work HARD!)

I called around, and Target & Burger King are not hiring. I called Kopp’s and they said they’re hiring probably for part-time weekend stuff (which would fit into my schedule REALLY well). At minimum wage rates, it’ll take me about 41 hours to earn it. (It’ll definitely be a motivator to lose those inches on the waist before I order it!) There’s a possibility that I could get about $100 from my parents before prom… maybe. If my waist starts at 31″, then the corset gets my waist down by 6 inches, I’ll be at a total of 25″. That’s the same as that skinny Caiti girl. That’s the same as Kiera Knightley!

Shiney’s idiotic “psycho” note, originally scrawled on Hello Kitty Stationary:

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  • The part of Nancy is an alto, G3-G5. It is also a rather major part to play, since she has a lot of line and is included in many songs.
  • Basic Character History: Nancy is a late teen or in her early 20s, having been corrupted by Fagin at the age of 6. She lives with her abusive thief of a boyfriends, Sikes, who she stays with because she loves him. She doesn’t want to go to the trial because she claims she’s afraid people will find out about her, but goes anyways (probably because her BF Sikes threatened her). While Oliver is still captured by the gang, Nancy tries to help him by arranging to return him to Mr. Brownlow on a bridge at midnight if he brings no police. Sikes secretly follows her and beats her to death on the spot.
  • Deeper Character History: Despite her job as a thief & prostitute, Nancy treats Oliver in a motherly way; the original “tart with a heart of gold”. Dickens wrote her to illustrate his view that people, no matter how tainted by society they were, could still retain a sense of good. (Shown when she risks her life to help Oliver.) It might also prove interesting to highlight her attachment to her obviously abusive boyfriend; a mixture of lack of self-hatred and faith in him.
  • Accent is a key part to the character; she has an East London accent, which should also carry through in the songs that she sings as a way of showing that she’s a working class girl who can’t escape her roots, even while singing.
  • For my specific audition, I need to sing 16 bars of a song in my key (I’m an alto, so choose an alto song). I am torn between The Alto’s Lament and The Stepsister’s Lament. …What can I say? I guess I just must have a talent for lamenting! 😉 EDIT: I have decided upon the Stepsister’s Lament. I’m a bit afraid to ask mom where it is, but it’s that or buy it.
  • I looked online and the theatre I’ll be auditioning for is a community theatre, so less pressure there. (Or maybe more? I’m up against adults who’ll actually know what they’re doing!) But in the end, even a part in the chorus will help build my resume.


…Ok, I’m not even going to lie. I’m driving myself crazy trying to figure out tomorrow. Everyone’s going to sleep right now so I can’t exactly practice singing NOW! And… I feel like this audition will actually prove my worth, since the crazy bitch who casts the h.s. plays obviously biased. Plus, I’m going through kind of a lot of trouble to prep for an audition that’s tomorrow! I have like, literally a day to prepare. And I tell myself I’ll be fine with anything, but will I? What type of chances do I even have?! I can probably be passable. The part I want is alto, so that’s good. They’re unbiased, unlike my h.s. Plus, that horoscope thing gave me some confidence; the day before an audition is just in the nick of time! (For a reason, perhaps…?) If nothing else, an audition is a step in the right direction towards de-mystifying the process! Of course, I have a less impressive resume, am not a knockout singer, and I’m unfamiliar with my competition. I might get something, though… Maybe even something good!

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