A Rose with Starry Eyes

{February 17, 2010}   day-dreams, associations

current day-dreams:

Grace Kelly finding her prince; Anne finding Gilbert

Kate Spade’s Style books; Bombshell’s Guide

what were my past lives? (was I alive in the fronteir, in the 1800s was I a lady? any reason I wanted to be Irish growing up, a name of Colleen? etc.)

make full list of conjures to buy (shiney poppet, etc; my poppet would be holding an oscar, my face on a tiny magazine cover, in a room decorated)

  • Practical Magic
    • Nicole Kidman’s appearance
    • stars and crescent moons bracelet from the Bee
    • knows all the herbs by heart
  • Anne of Green Gables-esque
    • beautiful amber stick-pin
    • a house in the country
    • an ornate┬álibrary with light pouring in through the windows
    • autumn with changing leaves and
    • dressing just a little bit proper, with gloves and a hat, etc.
    • just the corset that Anne would have worn!
    • creamy strings of pearls
    • thick, red auburn hair up in a Victorian bun
    • gothic-style novels; Emily Bronte
    • natural sense of beauty
    • truly appreciating all the nature around
    • looking forward to a fancy party or gala
    • forensics is like her recitation of the Lady of Shalott!
    • a deep love of cultural; the theatre, art museums, concerts, opera, etc.
    • clothes which suggest a Victorian style
    • memorizing poetry
    • amazing at playing a musical instrument
    • very spirited, lively, fun to be around
    • a flair for the dramatic (Anne would’ve made a great actress!)
    • naturally loved by people

et cetera