A Rose with Starry Eyes

Pro- Con between Cliff and Dev



  • anime club friends would get closer
  • we’re linked by our friendship with Zen
  • has a great personality; caring, affectionate, passionate about his future
  • I could live at his dorm over the summer to avoid spending time with my family.


  • wants to be a “player”
  • has already broken my heart before; he led me on.
  • he just likes the attention
  • commitment phobic


  • has had girlfriends before, many of them.
    • pro: he’s experienced
    • con: he might compare me to others; I’m less experienced than him

Common Ground:

  • both are virgins.
    • Cliff is waiting til marriage; Dev is unsure.
  • both are total anime dorks
    • Cliff does cosplay; Dev goes to cons



  • he lives in my area
  • he’s been flirting with me already.
  • sarcastic, funny, attractive
  • I know he’s vulnerable and a romantic because of palm reading & how he was crushed over his old crush rejecting him.
  • has values.


  • he’s friends with Shiney
  • he used to have a crush on a sophmore.


  • his parents got married at age 19 and are still going strong, so he’s probably open to an early commitment, leaving that option open.
  • he hasn’t had a girlfriend before
    • pro: he won’t compare me to anyone else
    • con: things might be awkward since neither of us has ANY experience

The Plan:

An attraction spell has already been cast on Dev. The Obsession perfume has been ordered so that when I see Cliff I will be able to use it and make him fall for me. By having both of them fall for me, I will be able to decide with absolute certainty which one is better for me. Also, it will help me move beyond my resentment of Dev rejecting me and leave me able to make a decision without any interference from low self-esteem. (The idea of two guys fighting over me is definitely enough to make me feel stronger about myself!) We’ll see how long I can make both of them fall in love with me and even potentially keep both relationships going all summer. In addition to the spell-work on Dev, using the Obsession perfume near him will also strengthen the spell. Even if I ultimately choose Dev, it will mean that I have made him jealous and had Cliff as a distraction for a while. (plus maintaining a friendship with Cliff will keep him pining, strengthen his potential as a second option, and keep Dev on his toes!)

Obsession Perfume:

Attract anyone you desire instantly. Cause a specific person to fall desperately in love with you. Make even the most stubborn ex lover chase you instead. Make some one worship you and give you all you desire. Make your lover be Obsessed with you like a slave. Will not hear or listen to others, but will do as you wish.

et cetera