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{March 1, 2010}   protein shake tip

I make my protein shakes myself, soooo much cheaper. I just put some protein powder, ice, water and a little cinamon in a blender, et voila. They are disturbingly high cal for a drink, but they do fill you up.

~Violet, on Blogspot


{February 23, 2010}   tuna recipes

My mom just bought me some cans of tuna for a high-protein dinner, and since I’ve never had it before and I know a lot of people don’t like it, I’m still looking for a way to mask the taste and make it bearable. The following list is full of ways to do that; as I eat tuna every night, I’ll rate the tastiness based off every recipe in case somebody else needs the info!

  1. Tuna Parmesan: 1 to 2 tbsp tomato sauce and 1 tbsp parmesan cheese
  2. Tuna Salad: 2 tbsp low-fat mayo and oodles of chopped celery; optional chopped onion. (A good type of mayo to try is called “Just 2 Good”. It’s made by Hellman’s, has a green lid, and only 25 calories/2 grams fat per serving.)
  3. Homemade mock mayo: mix lowfat plain yogurt with lemon juice and use as a mayo replacement for the above recipe. the yogurt contains extra protein, and you get the taste of mayo, too!
  4. Tuna Melt: put tuna on plate and cover with a low-fat cheese slice; place in toaster over to heat. add ketchup if desired.
  5. Creamy Chive Tuna: add 1 to 2 tbsp fat-free/low-fat cream cheese sprinkled with chives.
  6. Try eating tuna with salsa dip!
  7. Drain the can of tuna and put about a tbsp AT MOST of organic extra virgin olive oil in to eat with the tuna. (Higher-calorie, but lots of good fats that stop hunger and are good for your skin and hair.)
  8. Hot sauce tuna.
  9. Lemon juice with the tuna; or, lemon juice and pepper.
  10. Tuna Pancake: Take a medium bowl, a fork, a 150g can of tuna, and 2 spoonfuls of mashed potatoes. Mix it all in a bowl and add pepper or chili powder.
  11. Worcestire Sauce Tuna: Heat the tuna and then put worscestire sauce on it; melt a slice of cheese on top.

(All of the following caloric info is from caloriecount.about.com & my kitchen cupboard.) Additional calorie information for other ingredients:

  1. half cup of tomato sauce (aka 8 tbsp) is 80 calories, so 2 tbsp tomato sauce would be 20 calories. 2 tbsp parmesan cheese has 42 calories in it, so 1 tbsp parmesan cheese has 12 calories in it.
  2. If you use the “Just 2 Good” variety, 1 serving mayo is 25 calories. If you make homemade mayo, it’s about 50 calories for 1/3 cup.
  3. Mock mayo, if made with 1/3 cup of plain yogurt, has 50 calories, plus lemon juice (which won’t be counter here because it’s so low-cal).
  4. ketchup has 15 calories per tbsp. check the cheese label for specific info; my American singles cheese are 60 calories per individually wrapped slice.
  5. The chives calories aren’t worth recording, and there are 60 calories in 2 tbsp cream cheese.
  6. Salsa dip isn’t worth counting because it’s basically vegetables, and spicy foods speed up your metabolism.
  7. 1 tbsp extra virgin olive oil is worth 120 calories, so try to use a little under a tablespoon and even it out to 100. (Eat this recipe sparingly as well, on days you don’t eat almonds or other foods with good fats.)
  8. Hot sauce varies depending on label, and it speeds up metabolism, so don’t worry.
  9. Lemon juice and pepper are so low-cal they’re not worth mentioning.
  10. Worcestire sauce is 25 calories per tbsp and DELICIOUS with low-cal lemon juice!

Reasons to eat tuna:

  • high-protein (roughly 30 grams per serving?)
  • cheap (from $.80 to $1.50 per can.)
  • easy (sold everywhere!)
  • convenient (very portable.)

et cetera