A Rose with Starry Eyes

{February 11, 2010}   safe foods list

random list:

  • handful frozen strawberries with soymilk, blended
  • tofu shiritake noodles with walden farms marinara sauce
  • apples
  • vegetable soup
  • reduced sodium miso soup
  • no sugar-added, fat-free fudge pops
  • steamed vegetables
  • newman’s salad spritzers
  • sugarfree strawberry jam (10 cals per tbsp)


  • Chrystal Light
  • diet soda
  • diet V8 splash
  • light cranberry juice


  • yogurt (low-calorie version)
  • nonfat cottage cheese
  • brocolli

filling; fiber

tons of protein

  • almonds
  • small tins of tuna (“It’s a great lunch,” one of them said to me. “There’s only sixty calories in it and you’re totally full.”) Random tip: get the fish in water, not oil, and you can use lemon pepper seasoning to cover up the fishy taste.
  • bags of trail mix
  • wheat gluten
  • egg whites
  • silken tofu
  • hard boiled egg

laxative effect

  • banana chips
  • sugar-free candies
  • raisins
  • grapes

intense & low-calorie

  • Tic-Tacs
  • peppermint
  • pickles
  • very strong hot tea
  • apple cider vinegar in hot water
  • mustard (really strange flavors, like from the Mustard Factory in WI)

great desserts:

  • lemon slices dipped in splenda
  • flavored calcium chews
  • fruit-flavored Benefiber tablets

et cetera