A Rose with Starry Eyes

{February 12, 2010}   MY FIRST THEATRE AUDITION!!!

OK, so I went to the audition anyways. There were 2 segments to it: dancing and singing. The man said that if they like me enough I’ll get a callback to come in and read the script… I didn’t see everyone sing but I think I saw, maybe a little less than half the singers. The horrible thing was that the pianist SUCKED and literally played random sour notes that were at least an octave or two above my voice. According to mom, who was sitting in the back row, she could hear me quite well, which wasn’t the case for a lot of other singers! I got really nervous and a little bit scattered – the auditorium was huge – but in her opinion I was one of the top 25% singers. (There were some people who really sucked, though!)

I don’t know how many people they contact for callbacks, but I maybe have a shot….? Maybe. I’m on the lower end of the callback spectrum, though. I think my dancing was okay, I hope – there were some people who were kind of older/uncoordinated. I hope I at LEAST beat them!

I think I have at least a shot at a part in the chorus… Or maybe the part of Bet? She’s supposed to be about 16 and she’s an alto, too. Or maybe it’s just wishful thinking on my part….

I prayed to Expedite to get me the part of Nancy within a week – no delivery, no reward for the saint. I also wore the Crown of Success and Look Me Over, praying over both of them.

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