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{April 19, 2010}   life stuff
  • I’m taking so many classes during the summer that summer-school is going to be the equivalent of a full day of school. (Turns out summer break is really anything but!)
  • I emailed the voodoo woman under an alternate email (so she wouldn’t think I was bothering or spamming her!) and asked if one of the physical traits she could change might be metabolism. I even went so far as to say Gisele Bundchen’s metabolism would be fab!  🙂
    • Just realized that based off the time that she emailed me back on my other account, I’ll have to wait til later tonight to know the answer, since I emailed my question 2 hours after she logged off. (She emailed me back 16 hours ago, and I emailed her 2 hours after that.)
  • Not gonna lie, I am starting to get back into Glee. It’s a really addictive show… but I still can’t figure out which character I identify with the most!
    • I really wish I could sing like the girl who plays Rachel Berry. I’m listening to the Glee version of “Gives You Hell”. God, what I wouldn’t give to have that voice! I actually admire the character’s guts, too, on some level. Knowing that she’ll be a star no matter what and that the people who made fun of her will realize their mistake someday… I wish I could be that sure!

look up Diana Agron for thinspo

{April 19, 2010}   more random updates

I just want to type up a few random updates before I nod off to bed.

  • I found out that the Brazilian priestess will do the work for 50% of cost ahead of time and 50% on the day the working is done. Obviously getting the cheapest love spell offered will let me know if they work or not and I won’t be wasting my money on anything more costly that doesn’t work.
    • Her cheapest love spell is $290, which is $145 per payment. (I may have that much after my next paycheck.) The conjure lasts 28 days, so I’d need to make that much more in a month. (It’s a little over 20 hours to pay it off 1 payment.)
    • It says on her FAQ that the success rate of her spells is such that 98.7% had their results 3 to 5 weeks after they got the report that the work was finished.
    • Just to have found anyone whose spells work this well will have been worth any money I wasted in the past!
    • If the love spell works, then getting a Physical Changes metabolism spell would be thousands of dollars cheaper than laser lipo and also more permanent/ healthy. I would love to have a metabolism like Giselle Bundchen’s!
  • There was a really sweet old guy at work today who talked to me. I asked him about what book he was reading and he said it from Half Price book and was by a 6th century Chinese philosopher called… well, I’ll look that up later. He talked about a crazy Bible lady who got mad when he asked if the billions who weren’t Christian would end up in hell just for disagreeing with her beliefs.  I said I went to a Unitarian Universalist church for all religions in Brookfield and how Elm Grove wouldn’t give them land; he said it was good, upsetting the status quo. When I said there were many paths that lead to wherever (reincarnation, paradise, god, etc) he said that he guessed we had something in common! And rather than being completely normal about the whole thing like a normal person would, I opted to spend the remainder of my shift picturing him as my potential father figure. Sigh.

    • There was a lady who had an adorable dog in her car when I brought her food out to her. It was called a “teddybear”, a cross between a Bichon Frise and a Shih Tzu. SO cute.
    • I got SO hungry that I ended up occasionally shoving people’s extra fries into my mouth when I trashed their trays. They were really salty and rich, carby… But at least I restrained myself from eating 3 otherwise-perfect ones I’d found on the floor. >.>
  • Random as it is truly, I found this new pop song (old really, but new to me) called “Hot as Ice” – holy shit, it’s by Britney Spears! I didn’t know that til I looked it up just now. Huh.
  • I swear to god there was something else I wanted to type…. stupid adderall. I’d better be able to sleep tonight.
  • Oh, I also have showered only 3 times in the last 4 months since my surgery. Partly because I feel like I can’t be bothered, partly because my hair is so long it’s a bitch to comb/ untangle. So far no one but my parents have mentioned anything. Talk about conserving water!
  • I missed the Riverworld premiere on SciFi because of my job. Darnit. At least now we have DVR! 🙂

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