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{February 24, 2010}   life thus far

I FINALLY Have Access to a Scale!

I got permission to use the school’s scale to weigh myself. I’ll have to keep it to once or twice a week so the gym teacher doesn’t get suspicious; she has to unlock it everytime I use it. I don’t know what I weigh right now…

Spartanette Tryouts

I asked about joining Spartanette today; they’re the school’s dance squad. (It’s different from cheerleaders, too – it’s more athletic and more fun to watch!) Apparently I’m a shoo-in since they need new members so much. It’ll look good on a college resume, trigger me to lose more weight, and give me a chance to work out!

Added Shiney bonus: we have Enviro Sci together and she may have overheard me asking Miller about the tryouts. She honestly just sat there, chewing on her gross, overly-long bangs, as I asked about becoming a cheerleader! XD I caught her staring at me once after that. Can’t wait to see how much more she stares at me as I begin to drop the pounds and disappear! 🙂

OK, quick update: so GasMask overheard the Spartanettes’ advisor talking to a couple of girls about me like I was already in. I KNOW they need more people, so I think it’s safe to rejoice! 🙂

Xang’s Bad Mood

Miller told Shiney and I during Envrio Sci that about halfway through the period, Xang had just snapped andput her head down on her desk. She didn’t know why, but Miller allowed her to sit in the back of the class. Thankfully Shiney didn’t have her phone to text Xang, but I did.

During Drama as Lit Xang told me that it was because some stupid girl in her class said in all seriousness that she tried being an anorexic but failed, and Miller cracked up. This annoyed Xang and made her snap because she was having a horrible mood that day and it just really bothered her.

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