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{March 19, 2010}   ana, actress manga

Anorexia/E.D. manga

Anime Film references;

television anime E.D. references:

  • Sailor Moon is an infamous case of characters with an obsession to stay thin. Especially notable in one of the really early episodes of the first series.
    • Jedite decides to open a sort of fitness center where ladies get to lose weight just lying in capsules while Jedite steals their life’s energy.
      Obviously Usagi and her classmates get enthralled by the idea and go there. Naru starts going there compulsively and starts to lose a heck of a lot of weight much to Jadeite’s delight. However with Luna’s help, Sailor Moon discovers to truth and saves the day. Naru eventually recoves her weight
    • In another early episode, Luna makes a mockey drawing of Usagi saying her compulsive eating will make her fat. Usagi gets offended by the drawing and tosses it on the street. Oh surprise, the piece of paper falls on Mamoru’s face who makes fun of it. Usagi gets so angry that she decides to be on a starving diet thinking it will work. Hahaha, she faints from starvation while walking back home from her school on the first day. Fortunately her friend Motoki finds her and gives her a huge bag of doughnuts. Much to her happiness, he tells her that she’s fine as she is and that she should never do it again
    • In Sailor Moon R, Both Calaberas and Esmeraude are mocked at for binge eating cakes. Calaberas gets very offended when she hears this. Could Calaberas be bulimic?
    • In Sailor Moon Stars, Sailor Tin Nyanko calls Sailor Lead Crow fat very rudely and that she should get on a diet even though Lead Crow is obviously thin.
  • Now, another anime with a 1 episode case of self starving and obsessive over-exercise to get thinner despite being thin already is uhh.. I can’t remember which episode, but it’s from Pita-Ten.
    • Koboshi who is a freaking kid for crying out loud feels that her love to compete at eating contests and her tomboyish behavior is the reason why Kotaro isn’t interested in her. She decides to buy a ridiculously stupid book on how to be a good Japanese girlfriend and it says she must get on a diet among other things. She decides to starve herself and jog obsessively. Eventually she faints in front of Kotaru and he confesses to her that he liked the way she was already.
  • There is a scene in an episode of Vandread where all the girls have gotten obsessed about their weight. Everyone’s surprised to see Meia is taking a hot bath to apparently lose some “extra weight”.
  • There is an episode of Hell Teacher Nube where Miki makes fun of Kyoko’s weight (despite being very thin already). Kyoko gets angry and enters the forbidden music room. An evil spirit posesses her to obsessively play the piano all night long. Several days later, everyone notices Kyoko has lost a heck of a lot of weight even though Kyoko doesn’t know why either. All she knows is that she hasn’t slept very well.
    Nube discovers the cause of her unexplained exhaustion and defeats the spirit that has posessed the school’s piano.
  • In another shoujo series called Mirmo Zibang, this is another anime with an episode of obsessive/unhealthy diets.
    • Azumi is tired of competing with Kaede for Setsu’s attention. Yasishi gives Azumi the terrible but ingenious idea to anonymously send a cake to Kaede’s house everyday. She will be forced to eat it and she’ll eventually get real fat and Setsu won’t pay any attention to her anymore.
      As planned, Kaede starts to gain some weight and thanks to Mirmo’s vulgar observations of her enlarged figure, she gets all crazy and starts a serious exercise program and diet to lose weight. Rirumo voluntairly joins in to lose a bit of weight and forces Mirmo to join too because he’s really getting fat fast. Mirmo only does it because he’s so egocentrical that he can’t bear to see himself being fat even though he’s a compulsive chocolate eater.
      Even though Azumi hears this about Kaedde, Azumi keeps on sending Kaede more cakes. Kaede starts asking the delivery boy to return the cakes. Not knowing what to do, the boy starts sending the cakes to Azumi’s house. Since she doesn’t want to waste food, she and Yasishi start to eat the cakes obsessively everyday.
      As expected, Kaede faints from over exercise and not eating anything and Setsu tells her she looks fine and should eat better. Kaede feels overbloated in happiness and quits the diet.
      She discovers that Azumi is now on a harmful binge diet/exercise program herself because she has gotten so fat that she can’t fit in her ballet tutu anymore. Yashishi has also gotten really fat and is also dieting.
  • link: http://www.animenation.net/forums/archive/index.php/t-194710.html

actress stories:

{March 16, 2010}   fun aplhabet survey
A – Available: VERY. Unless Bri’s conjure starts working soon…
B – Best Friend: Xang. She just made me a red bracelet! 😀
C – Color of Your Room: White, like the rest of our boring house. Must be careful of resale value! *rolls eyes*
D – Dad’s Name: Bipolar fatass. And that’s all you’re getting! *sticks out tongue, blows raspebrries*
E – Easiest Person To Talk To: My brother.
F – Favorite Food: Cheese sandwich with tomato soup and a pickle on the side. Mmmmm, diner food….
G – Gummy Bears Or Worms: Sour gummy worms.
H – Hometown: Largest city in Dairyland. Like being the tallest midget.
I – Instrument: Used to play the violin. I’d love to learn it again, or the piano.
J – Job: Working at an icecream place (supposedly)
K – Kids: None, thanks. I have enough on my hands with siblings! (Though eventually I might adopt one who reminds me of myself, weird and outcast with a love of books who needs reassurance…)
L – Longest Car Ride: From Dairyland to Florida, nonstop. Ugh.
M – Milk Flavor: Skim, organic.
N – Number Of Siblings: 2, a brother and a bother- and by “bother” I mean sister.
O – One Wish: More wishes? Nah, too easy, it’s cheating. To love forever and always be young and beautiful. Or to be the most talented, bankable  actress ever. (If I were wise, I’d wish for happiness… If I were kind, I’d wish for world peace.)
P – Phobias: Just one; reaching the Age of Failure; never accomplishing what I need to.
Q – Favorite Quote: Varies a lot, but I really like “Well Behaved Women rarely make History.”
S – Song You Last Heard: Criminal by Fiona Apple
U – Unknown Fact About Me: If I told you, it would no longer be unknown, would it? 😉
V – Vegetable: Cucumbers are good…
W – Worst Habits: Procrastinating. Which I am doing now.

X – X-Rays You’ve Had: I’ve had at least one, but I don’t remember what it was for…
Y – Your Favorite Pastime: Daydreaming, hands down. Or watching movies, reading books, internet. Escapism, basically…
Z – Zodiac Sign: Sagittarius

{March 8, 2010}   cross-stitching

Really cool cross-stitching patterns on Etsy

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{March 1, 2010}   distractions/etc.

Great things to watch on elliptical:

  • West Wing
  • Arthur on PBS
  • Fraiser
  • early Pokemon episodes
  • possibly start watching Gossip Girls?
  • Secret Diary of a Call Girl
  • Morgan Spurlock’s 30 Days (some on Hulu)
  • Janice Dickenson Modeling Agency
  • ANTM (especially:
    • Cycle 1 with Elyse Sewell
    • Cycle 2 with Yoanna
    • Cycle 3 with Eva
    • Cycle 4 with Keenyah
    • Cycle 5 with Kim

Stuff to Look up Online:

  • Neil Gaiman’s blog
  • Ewan MacGregor’s motorcyle ride documentary?
  • artists such as Lee Miller and Liu Bolin
  • people with interesting histories such as Maya Angelou
  • musicians like Amanda Palmer, Joanna Newsom, Kate Bush, Tori Amos, Sia, Elton John

Websites to check out:

{March 1, 2010}   funny craig ferguson videos

Fat People Hate the Truth (Craig F.)

Russel Brand & Craig Ferguson: Fizzy Wee-wee and Noam Chomsky-lovin’ Hill-Billies

Craig Ferguson on Voting

Craig as James Bond audition

Craig Ferguson’s James Bond monologue

Craig at the Schmilton

Craig Ferguson on $$$ and the Bullmoose Party

{February 25, 2010}  


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{February 21, 2010}   guest star: violet, Part I.

A truly deep & philosophical, candid blog by a British ana. discusses the establishment, book recommendations, school, freedom, etc.

Part I

“How she longed to get out of the dark hall, and wander among those beds of bright flowers and those cool fountains, but she could not even get her head through the doorway”

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{February 14, 2010}   the simpsons

Homer’s hunger strike episode.

watch from 12:15 minutes

[url=http://www.wtso.net/movie/345-1215_Hungry_Hungry_Homer.html]1215  Hungry, Hungry Homer[/url]

{February 13, 2010}   the simpsons












Sid Vicious & Nancy Spungen! Cause nothing says Valentine’s Day like sex, drugs, and rock ‘n’ roll.

the full episode of Love Springfeildian Style

(go to 14 minutes mark)

[url=http://www.wtso.net/movie/385-1912_Love_Springfieldian_Style.html]1912 Love, Springfieldian Style[/url]

the full episode of Smoke on the Daughter

(Lisa does ballet, smokes cigs to get thin)

[url=http://www.wtso.net/movie/417-1915_Smoke_on_the_Daughter.html]1915 Smoke on the Daughter[/url]

the full episode of Sleeping with the Enemy

(Lisa has an eating disorder)

[url=http://www.wtso.net/movie/211-The_Simpsons_1603_Sleeping_With_The_Enemy.html]The Simpsons 1603  Sleeping With The Enemy[/url]

{February 7, 2010}   other useful sources

ultimate site listing: http://pub41.bravenet.com/freelink/show.php?usernum=3463447414


basic websites:

active forums:

great sites:


Story about a girl who binges on junk-food and loses everything: http://www.dimensionsmagazine.com/Weight_Room/stories/munchies.html

et cetera