A Rose with Starry Eyes

{March 16, 2010}   fasting stuff
  • 56 oz of water + 8 oz unsweetened pure 100% cranberry juice. You drink it throughout the day (64 oz, max).
  • Cranwater is a powerful diuretic and helps pull water out of waterlogged cells so that it can be eliminated through the kidneys. The flavonoids in cranberry juice also help flush away cellulite by improving the “strength and integrity of the connective tissue” while helping the lymphatic system function smoothly.
  • It’s important to use unsweetened 100% cranberry juice and not the ocean spray variety (Or any other juice that lists grape juice, fructose, etc., in the ingredients).
  • GNC does carry an 8oz bottle of cranberry concentrate. It lasts about 1 week. Yep, you drink 64 oz of cranwater every day during Phase 1. You may drink additional plain water on top of that.
  • Just to make sure you understand – you can either use unsweetened cranberry juice CONCENTRATE (3 Tablespoons to 64 oz water) OR unsweetened cranberry JUICE (8oz juice to 56 oz water).

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